February 17, 2022

9 Remedies to Cleanse our Heart Space this Leo Full Moon. {16/17 February 2022}


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Whether astrology is science or magic, we’re open to most things, if they may be of benefit. ~ Ed.


This Leo Full Moon is filled with the possibility of love, wonder, magic, and play. Leo represents our Lionheart, which rules over the jungle with courage and strength; it leads from loyalty and love and gives from abundance.

It is our heart that seeks love and romance, that wants to express joy and the essence of who we are by sharing our own unique magic with the world.

When we allow the heart to lead, it takes us into unimaginable places, into experiences of synchronicity and wonder, awe, bliss, and deep satisfaction.

As it guides us, it opens into a state of presence. Like a child at play, we are swept into the moment, absorbed in our creative expression and the pleasure of the feelings that expression creates.

Leo rules over children and our childhood which makes this Full Moon a powerful time be that inner child, to allow yourself to follow your heart and do so from a place of fun and play, a place of no expectation, a place of impermanence and nonattachment.

Because when we create without the burden of expectation we free ourselves into the process.

Full Moons are about endings, celebrating the completion of a cycle, releasing, and taking a moment to enjoy the fruits of our labour. This particular full moon opens space for us to let go of heavy burdens weighing down the heart so we can make room for magic. It also encourages us to get a little silly and romantic again and to remember to appreciate the joy in the creative process by returning to the present moment.

What does your heart want to let go of so that you can make room for more love, passion, creativity, fun, romance, play, and wonder?

Remember, children can have some epic tantrums. They’re so deeply connected to their emotions and the present moment they can cycle through all the feels in one day. However, after a big emotional release, there is always that sense of relief and peace.

What do you need to get off your chest so that you can shine your light brighter?

It is in the heart space that we store emotions such as grief, sorrow, betrayal, abandonment, resentment, and other heavy feelings born of relationship trauma.

Take a moment at this full moon to feel your feelings, to honour and acknowledge the hurt that comes up to be seen and released, so that you can get to what is buried beyond them.

In the mood for love…

There is a big emphasis on relationships at this full moon. Mars and Venus, the planets of passion, desire, relationship, and love are traveling together. They meet every 18 months for about 10 days of romance, and when they do, we begin to think about our relationships in a new way.

>> Rekindling the magic

>> Releasing those relationships that don’t honour our value

>> Reevaluating what we need to feel loved and supported

Venus and Mars will be in friendly conversation with Uranus, the planet of freedom, rebellion, enlightenment, and breakthrough.

Uranus always brings surprises, so you may have a breakthrough about your relationships that comes in an unexpected way, or you may meet a new potential partner who will come seemingly out of the blue.

Neptune is also talking to these star-crossed lovers, heightening our desire for a mystical kind of love, romance, or divine unions with souls that open our consciousness into oneness and unconditional love.

Freedom to be…

The conversation between these planets will also have us thinking about how we can love ourselves better. How we can create freedom to express our own unique talents. And how we can foster relationships with like-minded people with whom we can create a loving, supportive, and spiritually rich community, in which we can be completely ourselves. 

Jupiter, at home in Pisces, will be talking to Uranus in Taurus, expanding our desire for freedom and heightening our need to express our uniqueness and originality, unbound by convention.

From Taurus, Uranus will also inspire us to love on our own beauty. To connect to our creative potential through our senses, through pleasure, and by indulgence in the things that bring us joy.

The moon, which rules over our feelings, need for a safe home, and security will be talking to Pluto, the planet of transformation and power, bringing some intensity to our desire to take our power back and reclaim our emotional freedom so we can create safety and security in our inner world.

With the Sun in Aquarius, we will be driven to detach from what no longer serves so we can move into a future in which we feel we can live our truth and do so in a world that celebrates and appreciates us.

Full Moon Remedies:

Be your own heart medicine at this full moon.

Give yourself the gift of love, romance, and acceptance. When you open the door to receive from you, you learn to receive from other. When you know how to heal your own heart, you can share that sweet gift with others and help them feel their magic too.

Here are some ways to release into the energy of love, wonder, magic, and play:

>> Write down the relationship hurt and grief you are ready to let go of.

>> Release all the feelings that come up onto paper.

>> Do a fire ceremony (Leo is a fire sign) and symbolically place the pages into the fire.

>> Drink cacao or indulge in some good quality chocolate (if your health allows).

>> Buy yourself some roses (the flower of the heart) and serenade yourself.

>> Play, make time to get silly and have fun, make art without expectation.

>> Write a list of the things that bring you most joy—and make a plan to give yourself more of that.

>> On that list, write the kind of relationships you are ready for—and begin to seek them out.

>> Keep that list on your alter, in your journal, or somewhere sacred.


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