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February 4, 2022

Missing You

Photo by on Pexels.

When you were born, you brought so much joy and happiness to us all.

Remembering so many memories that we’ve created together.

We did many crazy things growing up together and getting ourselves into trouble.

I have this very big empty hole within myself.

Missing you every day, with tears flowing like a river.

We had many great times and we had some bad times.

I think that’s just how life works here on earth, but no matter what the tough roads were. We are Family and we always managed to work through it together.

There’s always more GOOD memories than bad. I sure remember them all with you.
The most beautiful ones ever is the last four weeks of being there by your side.

Holding your hands, helping you, listening to your kind words, hearing your jokes, hearing your laughter and most definitely seeing you smile.

The Love that we always shared together as siblings is the most powerful thing ever, that any of us can only imagine.

My heart is filled with your presence, our love, our cherish-able memories, the most valuable things that can never be broken, taken or lost.

I enjoyed our 47 years together here on earth, and one day we will be together again Brother.

I can only imagine, how many jokes you’re telling, making others laugh, having so much fun off roading, fixing many old pickups and many more adventures and greatness in the most beautiful place of ALL.

I loved sharing my writings and reading them to you. How you would give me them thumbs up all the time.

You are always in our Hearts and You will never be forgotten. We all have many beautiful stories to tell about you and your jokes and pranks.

We all been blessed with having you in our life, and now is the time for your everlasting Journey of Life.

We all Love you and Miss you beyond any words can ever be spoken.
Watch over us all my loving brother. We are definitely blessed, to have you as our amazing Guardian Angel.
Keep Heaven rolling with them 18 wheels turning. Hammer down Bro.

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