February 6, 2022

My Old Life is Now Nowhere to be Seen.

My old life is now nowhere to be seen.

My mind finds its way back into the shadows of what used to be, but my eyes cannot seem to meet my thoughts there, as the reflection of my life now no longer matches it.

I stand before those I used to know, still know, and have yet to get to know with a face of determination and a heart of passion. Not everyone will see what has brought me here, and no one will ever be able to fully understand, yet the only person that I now need to know is me.

I no longer need to walk quietly, hold my breath, or look down in the wake of what comes before me. Wishing and praying that my dreams come true as it has become clearer that they already have.

I have chosen a life of freedom from my self-limiting beliefs, a life of love toward myself and outward to others.

I have gotten here through the trials and tribulations that I overcame—that I chose to release—and I am the one to take sole credit for.

My life is no longer something I wish to be better but one that I see as a gift in each moment as I continue to be prepared for the visions I have set out to create.

Always preparing. Never behind and never rushing; all that is right now is making me fit for the nearing moments of magic.

My old life is now nowhere to be seen. People have changed. The setting is different. My perspectives have shifted, and my connections have evolved.

I no longer live in fear of the past or present but see myself as the center of time—where each moment comes along my path rather than me moving along its line and trajectory.

My old life is now nowhere to be seen because I know it is no longer fitting for me.

I knew I needed more; I wanted more. Even if it was just the freedom to decide what my life was about, it was the awareness of that choice that helped me explore deeper into my truth.

I would not be where I am without the presence of many people. There are tons of people who live in this world, and it is not pure chance that mine had made contact with yours.

My life changes in each moment as my reality and experience with each person give me greater opportunity and practice of alignment.

My old life is now nowhere to be seen. I have learned to believe in love—a new definition of love, one with an unconditional understanding.

I see love not as one thing or one feeling or emotion. I see love as life. A way of moving through reality while also understanding that it is life. Life is love.

I no longer shame myself for not being in a relationship, thinking that the only way back to love is through other people. I no longer see myself as someone who must search or give less or sometimes too much. I no longer hold labels like these in my mind, as I have rested my thoughts on the understanding of love.

My old life is now nowhere to be seen.

I am no longer a prisoner of who I used to be but instead an evolved physical manifestation of my soul.





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