February 1, 2022

Too Much Sexual Charge? The Nature of a “Cosmic Relationship” & 9 Ways to Douse the Flame.

The erotic charge was instant, and it’s now flame high.

The air crackles when you’re near each other—heck, even when you’re miles away.

Reason has already fled, but you know this isn’t sustainable.

Loved ones could get hurt or have already been hurt. Maybe you’ll get hurt. But this celestial, sky-high, in-your-groin person makes you think of sex, sex, sex all the time. You want to lock in the other’s embrace forever—maybe drop all responsibilities and run away. Fantasy has become your new reality.

Know what I’m talking about?

Many of us use the term “soul mate” to describe these juiced up relationships. That’s an antiquated label—and not accurate. There are many forms of soul relationships, and the instantaneous “touch me all over” type is called a cosmic soul relationship.

Soul relationships recognize that we each have a soul. That’s the part of you here on this earth to gather experiences and learn about love. Souls are grouped into soul families, which are based on spiritual purpose, lesson plans, and insights already attained about love.

That bond that turns on all your erogenous zones is a unique sort of soul relationship, and it doesn’t show up for the reason we usually think. You might believe it’s ever after scenario, but paradoxically, the purpose of the relationship is spiritual. And solo.

When we meet a cosmic mate, the first reaction explodes like dynamite. Talk about sexual charge! That volcanic passion is often about the awakening of your kundalini.

Kundalini is a worldwide phenomenon that describes a divine life energy that cleanses issues to enable an enlightened state. Until activated, it lies coiled at the base of your spine, close to your sexual organs. When stirred, it rises like an enflamed serpent up the spine. Finally, it flips on your excitatory hormones, like those that create lust.

A person’s kundalini can galvanize for many reasons. These include cultivating the energy through meditation or yogic practices. Sometimes, it’s kindled by a catastrophe or loss. Other times, it is gently and naturally aroused.

And for some, the match is lit by a person.

When the kundalini is turned on by a person, it’s common to become turned on to the person who stimulates it—as in the cosmic soul relationships.

No matter how the process is initiated, the higher purpose is to assist you in becoming more spiritual or filled with the unique spirit you really are. The culmination of this embodiment is to help you pinpoint your genuine calling and to open and make accessible inner gifts you’ve only dreamed about. The penultimate highlight? Being of service.

The most stabilizing and high-level ways to deal with a cosmic relationship—before it burns up your life and perhaps that of others—is to be practical while going for the real goal.

Here are some ways to do that:

1. Neutralize the lure. Outline all the qualities of this intergalactic mate—the good and the bad. Sure, the passion creates total euphoria, and so sexy is elevated on the list. Then ask yourself, if sex was off the table, would you still hang out?

2. Entice your empathy. Examine the important people or situations in your life and ask yourself if any will get (further) hurt if you continue riding the blastoff comet. Is the relationship worth their suffering?

3. Go for broke—for a while. If there is no downside to your bedroom bliss, set aside time for the ecstatic. Just don’t let it take over your life. You’ve built a life, why destroy it?

4. Knock it off. That’s always an option.

5. Pursue the physical differently. You have a lot of energy to burn, so select spiritually oriented exercises to sop up that extra zip, like yoga, tai chi, qigong, and the like. Actually, you can pick almost any exercise. (Is there dusting to do? That counts as exercise too.)

6. Foster creativity. There is a muse alive inside of you. Transform that sexual energy into innovation.

7. Seize the supernatural. Take an intuition, yoga, breathing, or healing class. At the other end of the kundalini are your activated spiritual gifts. Start developing them now.

8. Engage a spiritual therapist or counselor. Select a spirit-based mentor to help you uncover your truest self. It might be necessary to deep dive into your childhood issues at the same time. To mend your broken parts will help you achieve a wholeness that includes but isn’t based on sex.

9. Ask for the spiritual message. Spend some meditative time asking to know exactly what the spiritual message is in this relationship. Then decide to live it.

Remember, sometimes, things are exactly the way that they appear. If the flame is too hot, it’s too hot. Douse it down to uncover the gem—the real you.


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