July 6, 2021

Let your Main Chakra Help you get Sweet Sleep & Much-Needed R&R. {Quiz}


Life’s busy.

It’s hard to replenish. But we want to tell you, there is a secret to revitalizing!

Your chakras.

Chakras are subtle energy centers along the spine that govern every aspect of your life—emotional and physical. And guess what? You have a primary chakra through which your true personality expresses. And, each chakra is best supported with a specific type of stress-busting method. By figuring out your primary chakra, and following the relaxation protocols related to it, you can achieve rest, relaxation, and sweet slumber.

To help, we’ve developed a simple quiz that outlines the traits of each of the seven, in-body chakras. Select the list of traits that best describes you. Then match your chakra number in the answer key and surrender to peace and sleep.


Select one of the following seven lists that best describes your personality:

a) Aesthetic. Visual. Perceptive. What you see creates internal stillness or stress.

b) Deep. Educated. Verbal. All those philosophical thoughts aren’t welcome when you’re seeking peace.

c) Emotional. Sensual. Moody. Those darn feelings, they demand so much attention and interfere with your tranquility.

d) Structured. Factual. Organized. If your schedule is out-of-control, you won’t be able to relax.

e) Romantic. Cooperative. Caring. When your heart is disturbed, goodbye calm.

f) Busy. Passionate. Physical. How the heck can you rest when you’re always moving?

g) Meditative. Otherworldly. Transcendent. When the spirit flows, you can let go. Otherwise? Not so much.

Answer Key:

See the answer key below to determine your major chakra and the label best describing the related personality. Then use the tips provided to achieve the much-need rest and rejuvenation…and fall into that deep sleep you so desire.

a. The Sixth Chakra: Visualizer.

You’re all about that violet-hued chakra in the brow. Yearn for serenity? Under pressure, close your eyes. Then picture your favorite setting. Want to sleep? Decorate your bedroom with soothing colors, like lavender and baby blue, and then count sheep. One-two-three…zzz.

b. The Fifth Chakra: Communicator.

Stress is always a step away for this ruminating, blue, throat-based chakra expert. Every day, meditate with a mantra. Journal away your problems and call in your dreams with calming, nighttime music. Either that or a boring audible book. White noise machines are great, too!

c. The Second Chakra: Creator.

This orange-based center in the abdomen totally relaxes if you get creative. So, make something—dinner, a bookshelf, macrame. It doesn’t matter. At night, purge feelings aloud or in a journal and you’ll nod right off.

d. The Third Chakra: Thinker.

Formulate and follow a stress-busting plan and get your yellow solar plexus chakra (located in the upper abdomen) mellow. Every hour, take a few deep breaths. Or try a timed breath and inhale and exhale to a count of four. Structure your bedtime as a ritual to assure you rise and shine refreshed.

e. The Fourth Chakra: Relator.

It’s all about companionship for the heart-based Relator, whose green chakra yearns for love. Relax with a mate, pet, or sleep sac—or even a Rom-Com. Then drift off with a big hug or a body pillow.

f. The First Chakra: Manifestor.

You actually thrive on stress, but it can get too much, can’t it? Your main chakra, burning red in your adrenals, needs you to stop every so often. Get outside. Do jumping jacks. Sleep comes most easily after a good workout—so tire yourself out. Nighttime workouts help!

g. The Seventh Chakra: Spiritualist.

White light illuminates your main chakra, located on the top of the head. Tranquility depends on connecting to your Higher Power through prayer, meditation, or contemplation. Too stressed to sleep? Watch an uplifting movie, one in which the good guy wins, then reflect on a spiritual phrase or book.

If you want to know how to replenish each of the five out-of-body chakras featured in our book, Chakras, Food and You, take a look at our author bio!


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