February 6, 2022

Shaming is Not the way to Change Someone’s Mind.


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I feel this world needs to stop being all about right and wrong.

I feel we need to stop thinking that someone’s choice is wrong and find better ways to support each other as we journey and negotiate this difficult and often confusing life.

I want to find a way that we, as humans, can see we can still be supportive in our differences. I want people to feel supported and I want to feel supported.

It is now up to us as humans on this earth to realise we hold the keys to change. The governments are run by people and so is the propaganda put out by people.

We are all scared in this world about what we decide these days. No matter if it is about being vaccinated or not, the religion we follow, the choices of sexuality, to get a divorce, get married, stay single, become a parent or not, these are all difficult decisions with so much shame attached.

The people who decide to have children are scared and so are the people who do not. The people who believe in one religion are scared and so are those who believe in another. The people who choose to change their sex or remain the same are scared. Those who choose abortion or not are scared.

There is no asshole or inconsiderate monster person that makes a decision like above trying to screw over others; they are trying to live their lives. Every time we make a big decision, we worry about the side effects, the repercussions, the challenges, the unknown, what others will think, and what society will demand of us. It isn’t easy to say no or yes.

However, when people make these difficult decisions, so many of us think they are wrong or we are wrong, if we are the decision-maker. While we may not agree on every decision, it is important for us to understand there is a reason why they made this decision. It is important for us to remember how it feels to make a difficult decision and how hard it is to know what to do and how scared we all get of f*cking it up, but we have to make the decision anyway.

What we need more than ever as we navigate this political culture and these challenging times with big decisions is more compassion, kindness, respect, and empathy around each other and our different choices.

We are all scared and we all make these decisions based on so many factors that nobody sees. Not everyone is ignorant or an asshole. Many are doing the right thing for themselves and those they love, and it is most often not an easy choice, some may even feel obligated.

So while we as humans will never always agree with each other or may never even fully understand why, we must remember there is a why. We need to first and foremost hold compassion for that why (if we know it or not) and empathy for the difficult choices of life we all have to make. We need to walk side by side on this earth with understanding, forgiveness, kindness, compassion, empathy, and respect.

It is time to realise there is more than one story or what we see. It is time to listen instead of shame and judge. We are all doing our best.

Judgment and shaming are not the way; compassion and understanding are much better choices and the only ones for our world to heal and evolve with kindness, as we navigate our world of difficult choices and times.


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Read 6 comments and reply

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