March 22, 2022

How to grab Aries Season by the Horns & make it Work for Us.

*Whether astrology is science or magic, we’re open to most things, if they may be of benefit. ~ Ed.

The Aries archetype is described as an initiator, combustive, new, and blazing hot.

The Big Bang theory, in short, is the discovery of the origin of our universe.

There was a spontaneous, cosmic spark that began at a single point, and it has been continuing its expansion since. This story is the embodiment of Arien energy. The Book of Genesis also mentions that God said “let there be light,” and so it was. Whether the biblical story was real, misconstrued, or imaginary, it signifies the starting point in history—or as science refers to it, the big bang.

This dynamic, abundant, engulfing light is the source of every single thing we see today, including our sun. We are composed of the same matter that the stars in the heavens are made of—we, ourselves, are remnants of this event.

Aries, the God of War, is often seen as embodying less favorable energies; it is indeed a violent and searing astrological sign. Anything related to drugs, sex, and blood is sure to be tied to Aries energy in some way, shape, or form. If you want to see how Aries season directly affects us, we must look to our natal chart, and perhaps others’ charts, for more context.

An explanation of transits in astrology:

Generally, when Mars is in a “good aspect,” it is in a sign that responds and pairs well (Aries), and our energy flows well. Similarly, when the sun is transiting the sign of the ram, thrills, sports, and fresh, new projects come into focus.

Bad or good aspects can be subjective, but you’ll notice that when there is a square transit, things are notably more tense, exciting, or dramatic. When there are trine aspects in a transit, energies are more harmonious, free-flowing, and pleasant. Astrologers calculate whether or not a square is present when two or more planets form a 90 degree angle, give or take 9.5 degrees. Any squares between Mars and another planet are almost sure to stir the pot, no matter what other planet is involved, due to the nature of Mars. A square with Pluto, for instance, is volatile, yet profound transformation and evolution can occur despite how unpleasant its impact is.

To get an even closer look at how these transits affect you on a micro level, check to see which house these planets are transiting. If there is a Mars squaring Pluto, transiting your 4th house (which represents Cancer energy, home, upbringing, the mother, kitchen, and food), especially in Aries season, I would make sure I have a fire extinguisher just in case. Does, this mean your kitchen is sure to explode? No. But you may be more susceptible to starting an accidental fire. On a more benign level, you may catch yourself eating spicy foods more often, or getting into an intense argument that escalates quicker than you anticipated and leaves you wondering—“What the heck?”

For this Aries season, look to see where Aries falls in your chart to see in which area of life you will get this enlivening energy.

And again, be mindful that Aries is a fire sign, and any stressful parts of life—change, struggle, or even growth—while the sun is transiting Aries could indicate violence, a fire, or an accident.

Looking at your natal chart: 

The sun is the origin of life as it pertains to life on Earth. The sun is the center of our solar system, the giver of life and our drive, and it paves the way for the external forces that govern our lives. It represents our father, an authority figure, and our vitality. When your natal sun sign is in the ram, it is safe to say you have a well-developed sense of self, an abundance of physical vitality, and contagious enthusiasm. Depending on where Mars—the ruling planet of Aries—is in the natal chart, you’re usually fairly confident and even daring.

Astrologers believe that for those in the ram sign, acne, especially on the face or forehead, impulsivity, and clashes with authority can be a problem, but mostly when Mars is making frictional aspects, especially to the sun or Saturn.

The alchemy of Aries season (this is applicable to anyone):

Want to make the best use of this fiery Aries season, which occurs from March 21 until April 19? Here’s what to focus on:

>> Take initiative. If you see something that needs to be done, don’t look past it. Take action!

>> Defend something that matters to you. Be bold, and fight for the underdog.

>> Get some blood pumping; engage in exercise. Increase those endorphins and tame any excess aggression.

>> Love yourself—deliberately. Command that love and respect from yourself. 

>> Channel this excess energy and excitement to start new projects, and lead with your heart.

>> Consume cilantro, which promotes cardiovascular health and removes a lot of heavy metals from the blood, which is more sensitive during this time.”

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