March 10, 2022

The One Missing Ingredient of Manifesting Abundance.

I have been knee-deep in the Netflix series “Inventing Anna.”

I remember reading about this girl, Anna Delvy one time on some nondescript online publication and I felt absolutely floored about this woman’s journey.

So when the series popped up on Netflix, I was more than eager to dive deeper into this person’s life, though if you have watched the show, you know that “everything is true, except everything that is complete BS”—which also changes from one episode to the next, but I digress.

Long story short, Anna Delvy lived in New York City for a time and presented herself as an heiress from Germany. It could be suggested that she absolutely played the part and invented a persona of someone who was indeed rich and knew the ins and outs of high-class society. I will do my absolute best not to give too much away here, but essentially, Anna was acting as if in a lot of ways and convinced many people that she was who she claimed to be.

Perhaps the worst thing she did was try to make a name for herself and create a foundation in her name with the elitists of the world, though I can only speculate. I know there are white men out there who have done far worse in the name of the almighty dollar, so as a woman, I see her.

That said, the story basically shows that essentially her manifestation didn’t completely work out, and here is my completely biased perspective as to why and why I believe simply acting as if fails for most of us human beings when we are trying to manifest anything in our lives.

The subconscious.

Did you know that your subconscious has been keeping record of everything that has happened in your life from the time you were born?

Which leads me to this little nugget of wisdom for you: manifesting can be super challenging for a lot of people and I believe childhood trauma is the root cause of most of those challenges, but for the sake of staying on topic, let’s chat about money.

We are given so many stories about money from the time we are born. It’s bad. It’s the root of all evil. Spiritual people shouldn’t be making money (yet people in the church have no problem donating dollars to the church on a weekly basis). Money is [insert your story here]. A lot of times and often there just simply isn’t enough of it, am I right? There seems to never be enough. We can hear/see this subtly in the home and we hear/see it through the news.

Money has a bad rap because why?

Because a lot of human beings gave money the story of good or bad.

But guess what? It’s neither. It’s merely energy, and fortunately or unfortunately, it is a tool we need as humans because we collectively decided it was a better system than bartering our own energy (I’m still not sure why).

And guess what else? No matter what, your subconscious was always recording your caregivers’ deepest beliefs about money. Yep, even when you were a newborn and they were so stressed out about how to afford diapers (completely out of your control), your subconscious recorded the imprint of that energy for your survival. So that means even if you are not consciously aware of your relationship with money or your ability to attract it for that matter, it’s okay because your subconscious mind has kept you safe by driving your behaviors with money. Fun, right?

Back to the topic at hand though: Anna Delvy and why I believe her system kind of failed her in the end.

She played the part. She believed in herself and in her ability and she was her greatest cheerleader (part of the recipe of manifestation). But you know what? She might have had some subconscious money wounds playing as a quiet record in the background (i.e. unconsciously) and attracted those experiences in order for her to fail because if she truly came from humble means (as the show implies), then that says to me that she needed to heal that part of herself.

In other words, she needed the light shone on her subconscious money wounds in order to integrate those wounds into the light.

Maybe you can relate? Maybe all of us can relate on some level?


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