April 27, 2022

How our Relationship with Animals can Reveal the Hidden Corners of our Personality.


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I usually try my best to stay away from judgment by giving others the benefit of the doubt and trying to see the good in them.

Yet one thing I can’t turn a blind eye to is the way someone treats animals.

How a person relates to animals tells a lot about who they truly are; no matter how good they seem on the outside, no matter how kind they are to others, if they show deficiency in their treatment of these living beings, it indicates some sort of personality defect.

I’m not talking abuse here since it’s widely known that those who kill or torture animals are criminals to be locked in jail; no need to dig deeper into that. But there are other forms of cruelty that most of us don’t often think through.

Not everyone likes animals—I’m aware of that. I totally understand those who are not used to keeping pets at home, have not been raised in an animal-loving environment, or suffer from phobias. They can’t help it, and it’s justifiable as long as they don’t hurt these creatures.

However, someone might claim their love and compassion for animals when you notice some behavior that contradicts their assertion.

Let’s take for example those who raise a pet until the pet grows old, or the owner grows bored with it, then the inevitable abandonment may happen just like that. Or those who desert a pet they used to own once they find a “better” one. If that is the case, how do you think they can sustain a genuine relationship with others?

This exact behavior measures their level of loyalty.

If they can simply ditch a soul that has been living under the same roof with them, cuddling with them, making them laugh, loving them unconditionally…should we expect them to be loyal to us humans, with all our flaws?

My own analysis suggests that this category of people is self-absorbed.

They view others, whether humans or animals, as tools to fulfill their needs. They have neither respect for the individuality of the soul, nor tenderness whatsoever.

To be fair though, a lot of people go through tough circumstances where they have to let go of their pet. Sometimes, these circumstances are so extreme that nothing can be done about it. In this situation, it becomes inappropriate to judge as long as they make sure to find their pets another loving home where they can be well taken care of and spoiled as much as they were in their previous domicile.

Except, no excuses to those who dump their animals on the streets after they have been living in a warm house and have developed an attachment to their guardians.

If that isn’t evil then I don’t know what is.

They get a pet, provide them with food, water, warmth, and safety. Later one day out of nowhere, they throw them into the wild, leaving them to their destiny, battling for their own survival. Do they have a heart of steel or what? Can these people be trusted in other endeavors?

Pets become part of our family; if we don’t consider them as that, let us not own any. If we don’t feel a sense of responsibility to a soul whom we decided to bring into our life, we can be regarded as irresponsible, heartless, disloyal, and ruthless. No exaggeration!

That behavior might as well show an indecisive and reckless personality, where someone makes a decision based on a temporary need without taking into consideration the long-term consequences and commitment, or even the feelings of those who are involved.

Let’s take another example about the type of people who are always looking for pure breeds to keep. They never raise a mixed breed pet, finding it socially unacceptable perhaps? These are the same materialistic people who only wear brands, refuse to drive anything less than a fancy, expensive car, and the only thing that matters is their image.

Just as they choose everything based on frivolous criteria, they might as well pick the people in their lives according to either social status or looks. Which is why their relationships are almost always superficial; you can’t form a deep connection with them.

What to expect from such humans is their inclination to replace you at the blink of an eye once someone more fitting to their social façade comes along. They are good at wearing a mask and appearing of a high value, yet they are empty on the inside.

In addition to the above, let us talk about dog owners.

I personally don’t trust an individual who has an aggressive dog. Some people train their dog to intensify that aggressive trait; they get a sense of pride when their dog barks at every passerby, as well as a sense of satisfaction when they see others showing signs of fear. What this tells me is that they have tendencies for abusive behavior.

In my opinion, I believe that such humans might have hidden aggression themselves; for some not so hidden though.

We might also view them as insecure and fearful beings who feel a need for a powerful companion to defend them because of their lack of confidence. So they use dogs as their bodyguards, offering them a sense of safety while around others.

Now some might call me censorious, but to me, all souls are the same, and the way we treat one soul can predict how we might treat another.

Having no sympathy for a helpless being proves the presence of distortions in our own souls. Most people are only nice to others out of the fear of social judgment; they hide their dark side from their fellow superiors, tossing it out on those who have no voice. Still, sooner or later, their true colors will show.

As much as I’m afraid of throwing accusations on others, nonetheless, I have no regrets over this.

Besides, my experiences with people over the years has proven it right.


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Read 31 comments and reply

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