April 22, 2022

Join my Earth Day interview featuring the WildEarth Guardians.

Today was pretty rough for my dear dog Redford, honestly.

And I was left with tears, and love, and relief, but I was also left with the simple wish that we would all extend such love and care to all animals. Today, Earth Day, I’m talking with the director of WildEarth Guardians.

​Enough of Marvel and DC, for one day.

These are real live, active heroes.

From stopping the cruel torturous practice of traps (where animals die of thirst/starve/freeze to death over the course of days, hour over hour, in agony the whole time) to fighting a highway planned for a protected refuge, these folks are actually showing up for all of us.

And honestly, it’s straight up inspiring. If you ever feel down or lost or afraid or cynical, well, get off your duff and get inspired.

Links referenced in the video: WildEarth Guardians is campaigning against the vicious practice of trapping on public lands—both on our own and in coalition with partners. By ending trapping on public lands, we will make public lands safe and enjoyable for recreationists and wildlife, so please raise your voice today and sign our petition. In case you missed it, on April 1, 2022 all traps, snares, and poisons were banned on over 30 million acres of public lands in New Mexico. Here’s more information about Greater Chaco and the threats the region is facing from fracking. Please take action before May 6 to protect this remarkable landscape. More on a recent lawsuit we filed to defend black-foot ferrets. Here’s the touching piece John wrote previously about encountering a trapping crime scene. Let us extoll the virtues of the Prairie Dog.

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