May 29, 2022

Gemini New Moon: A Time of Initiation & Courage. {29/30 May}

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Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac symbolised by the twins.

It corresponds with that developmental stage in life within which we learn to discern self from other by asserting our separateness from mother. We become extremely curious about our immediate environment and eager to interact with it using language, movement, and touch.

This immediate environment is usually made up of siblings, extended family, neighbours, and early childhood educators. And as a result of our interaction with them, we come to understand self relatively.

The desire to connect and communicate also opens us up to the world of symbols, sequential thought, ideas, concepts, and hypothetical and abstract qualities, which is what astrologers call the concrete mind and corresponds to left brain function.

As we explore our environment in these early stages, we act as information gatherers who have the ability to absorb elements of the external world at an extraordinary rate. We do this using our mind and its processing system—the brain—which sorts through, organizes, and finds patterns in the data collected so that it can make sense of the world around it.

The symbol of the twins, therefore, represents our left and right brain, our understanding of self as a separate entity in relation to other; it also represents our siblings and early life interactions.

The qualities of Gemini include those left-brain functions: they include communication through speech, listening, writing, reading, listening, as well as logic, reason, perception, comprehension, teaching and processing, and sharing of information.

With all this in mind, we find ourselves in Gemini season, at a Gemini New Moon, with the ruler of Gemini, Mercury, in retrograde.

Which beacons the question, what are you processing about your current environment, and what are you ready to communicate?

Mercury went retrograde in its own sign of Gemini on 11th of May, a powerful placement for it to enter its reflective phase. Mercury represents mind, which encompasses our thought patterns, beliefs, attitudes, temperaments, personality, and perceived paradigms. It goes retrograde three times a year, and when it does, we have an opportunity to assess what our minds have created since the last retrograde—including where we’ve come off course with our intentions and the desires of our hearts and where we need to let go of mental limits that are creating blocks to living our truth.

Mercury entered Taurus on the 23rd of May where it will be at the New Moon and remains there until it stations direct June 3. In Taurus, Mercury gets practical and matter of fact in its thinking. Taurus is an earth sign, which represents the plane within which our minds manifest our reality, and with the planet of the mind hanging out in this constellation at the New Moon, we have a profound opportunity to get real about where we are at so we can get laser clear about what we need to do to make our intentions, dreams, or hearts’ desires achievable.

Uranus, the great awakener and planet that represents the future and innovation, leaps in consciousness, and our inner genius is in close proximity to Mercury and the North Node of the moon (which represents our karmic future). Their collective influence will help us break free of perceived limits imposed by the mind and help us fathom a new kind of reality based in a more conscientious stream of thought plucked out of a potential future.

Pluto, the planet of power, truth, and transformation, is also in friendly conversation with Mercury, helping us transform mind and tap into the latent power hidden beneath our belief systems and the paradigms we subscribe to.

Neptune, the planet of imagination, spirituality, creativity, and transcendence, is sextile Mercury, helping us look to the spiritual world for answers and tuning into divine inspiration for our creative projects.

Saturn, the great disciplinarily and lord of karma, is in a tense angle with Mercury, but the friction this creates and the issues it brings to light around control and restrictions can inspire us to get real about self-mastery, commit to our intentions, and set clear, long-term goals to bring what we want to life.

Which of the many potential futures are you ready to connect to, share, experience, and explore?

What creative expression are you ready to share?

Which ideas are you ready to make concrete?

What is your heart longing to communicate?

This New Moon is a time of initiation

We’ve just come out of eclipse season during which many of us experienced profound change, including the closing of doors to experiences that no longer serve and openings to new opportunities.

But though opportunities present, it is up to us to act on them, to have the wisdom to seize them, and the courage to allow ourselves to see their greatest potential so we can take the best steps toward fulfilling that potential.

To help initiate us into this post eclipse reality, we have Mars, the planet of energy, action, and drive, in friendly conversation with the Sun and Moon from its home sign of Aries. Empowered by its own flames, Mars is ready to bring that fire energy to our desires and march courageously into an unknown future.

Mars is also conjunct Jupiter the great benevolent one and giver of gifts and luck; this contact will expand on the fire of Mars and help us take leaps instead of steps forward.

Jupiter entered Aries 11th of May after spending the year in Pisces—its home sign—dreaming, imagining, getting inspired, connecting to spirit, and fine-tuning its intuitive powers. Now in Aries it is ready to act on what it has learnt and what it’s been working on in that Piscean ocean of dreams.

Those creative inspirations are being activated by Mars and the Sun and Moon, with Mars helping us act on them and the Sun and Moon helping us communicate them.

How to use the energy of this New Moon

With all this mental energy active during this New Moon, we get to decide who we want to be as we embark on our new journey.

And as we take initiative on something new, or on something that’s been forming in that ocean of Piscean dreams, or on a dream that we’ve been working toward for a while that may have now transformed, we get to choose who we will be and how we will show up so that it can reach its highest potential.

What we think about ourselves and our world matters. It shapes what we become and what we create.

Take time at this New Moon to reflect on which beliefs, thoughts, attitudes, and feelings are serving you and which are not.

Commit to the ones that are and allow them to guide you along your path.

Connect to your New Moon intentions through the Gemini mediums of writing, speaking, teaching, sharing.

Put them down on paper; consider what they would look like and out in the world.

What would they sound like if you spoke them?

Practice speaking them as if they have already happened.

Who do you need to be to have those dreams made concrete?

Practice being the person who deserves them. (You do!)

Intentionally repeat the thoughts you need to generate to be in alignment with your best potential outcome.

You are a master manifester. Everything you have, you have because your mind believed it to be possible.

Start believing the impossible. Start believing in you.



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