May 18, 2022

We are our own Superheroes.


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Deep within our being, hidden behind walls of sadness, anger, and loneliness, there’s this inner child screaming for love and affection.

We are the superhero of our own story. Do we really have a choice?

You and I were taught to love ourselves even when the task at hand of doing so felt impossible, but we did it, we found a way, and we cradled our deep, wounded scars and sorrows alone. We carried them like shards of glass embedded deep within our being.

Two steps forward, one step back.

Healing involves healthy grieving as we come to terms with a traumatic experience or simply the end of a chapter of one story—one of many we will get to have, although nothing is ever as simplistic as closing a door or ending a chapter. In the moment, it feels more like the pages of the chapter are being shut with hydraulic pistons as the dust gives way under the force of the pages.

We continue to punish ourselves, perpetuating the what ifs and should haves, tormenting ourselves to the point of madness. We cannot change the past, so we have to learn to stop looking behind as that is not the direction we are heading in.

We build our excellence through the fire of our difficulty, and we can only do so through moving forward while realizing there is no greatness without trauma.

For example, this article would never have been written, but here we are. There are no superheroes to this story until we burn to dust, remould ourselves, and rise out of the fire.

From afar, it may look like we are a complete utter mess as we wash away the pain we are feeling through crying. The tears form waterfalls as they stream down our face, and our thoughts send the pain to a different place. We sometimes break down and cry because we can’t handle the overflow of love we have in our hearts.

To cry is to heal with actual factual benefits of having a soothing effect on our being by releasing toxins, relieving stress, aiding sleep, fighting bacteria, as well as enhancing our mood.

Crying is coping.

Crying is healing.

Crying is healthy.

Crying is normal.

Which leads me to the ultimate key word I would like to share with you today, and it will be a memorable word indeed: “K.I.S.S.”

What does it mean?

No, it’s not the playful and intimate move one makes to leave their partner wanting more, but it’s simply an acronym for: “Keep it simple, stupid.”

Especially when we have a particularly bad habit of overthinking, where our thoughts spiral out of control, jumping to conclusions and not of the good kind. Our negative thoughts are not always true and are often made-up stories formed by our fears, doubts, and anxieties, pulling us away from reality and distracting us from seeing our purpose and that we are worthy of what we desire.

We can only lead by example when we have fully moved through our painful experiences to be the light for others and help them find their way through the suffering we have come to know so well.

We have navigated the storms, we have been through the fire, and we have become a new version of Self.


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Read 8 comments and reply

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