May 15, 2022

Self-Mastery is an Inward Journey: Scorpio Full Moon & Total Lunar Eclipse. {May 15/16}

Whether astrology is science or magic, we’re open to most things, if they may be of benefit. ~ Ed.

“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.” ~ Carl Jung


Scorpio is the last water sign of the zodiac and represents the deep waters of the unconscious, the underbelly of who we are, the vastness of our hidden psyche, and the mystery of our inner workings.

Our being regulates itself within the darkness of our bodies—the storing of memories, the activating of emotions, the movement of chemicals, and the complex mechanics of breathing all happen without our conscious effort, yet it is us doing it.

Within this vast unconscious storehouse that is our inner being, we also bury the taboo, the repressed memories, the trauma, the parts of us we think are unacceptable, the things we call shadow. But, among those aspects of being we name “dark” or “negative,” there exists the truth of our totality, the sexual drive of creation, the latent powers we can activate through practice, and the ability to infinitely regenerate and transform.

Biologically, we are constantly dying and being reborn: the bones in our body regenerate and are new every 10 years, our DNA is alive and evolving, changing with the information that shapes it, the cells that make our skin are new every two to three weeks, our taste buds every 10 days!

All this done unconsciously, all this a miracle.

All this done by you, a powerful being capable of boundless potential.

Our limits are created by mind, beliefs, patterns, and our own willingness to explore beneath the surface—and to practice using the forces within.

But, make no mistake, power and knowledge of how to die, transform, and be reborn is all within our biology. Here also exist the hidden gems of our potentials: talents we have denied, skills we’ve thought insignificant, dreams we’ve felt unworthy of, gifts we’ve abandoned or failed to recognise.

This total lunar eclipse in Scorpio will shine a sliver of light into this darkness, and if we are willing and able to sit long enough in stillness, we may experience a profound epiphany, a shedding of the old, to make room for new thought, new experiences, new beliefs, and a new self-identity deeply rooted in the truth of your potential.

But going within is no easy feat, because it requires seeing ourselves, which requires great responsibility.

As we shine the light of consciousness into the mysterious inner world of our being, we are confronted with both the lights and the shadows that lay beneath, and for that, courage, support, knowledge, compassion, forgiveness, detachment, acceptance, and love all need to be present.

Diving into the mysteries of our totality, potential, and creative force is deeply transformative. There are beings among us who have travelled down this path of self understanding with great success—they are what we call enlightened masters.

The Buddha was one of them, but it took great sacrifice and great discomfort to get there—he left his family, his inheritance, his community, and as Eckhart Tolle shares, went to a monastery to enter a deep spiritual practice, which he did with such discipline and steadfast resolve that it almost broke him and certainly transformed him.

His journey took him to the edge of his humanity, but it birthed a new human.

It is at the moment he gave up on his search for god and, disheartened, went to sit under a Bodhi tree that he reached his enlightenment. He found it in the present moment, a place of freedom from the past and future, a place of regeneration and creation.

At this total lunar eclipse, as the light of the sun shines from Taurus into the fullness of the moon in the constellation of Scorpio, we can reflect on the totality of our being, we can take one step further along our journey of enlightenment, which is actually a step within.

We can use the Scorpio energy of transformation to shed a perceived limit that is holding us back from discovering our power, creative potential, vastness, and divinity. We can let a part of us—an aspect, an experience, a toxic relationship—be eclipsed so that there is room for something new to grow in the fertile soil of our unconscious, something deeply aligned with our truth, our soul’s purpose, and our heart’s desire.

What do you have to let go so that you can truly see yourself?

What part of yourself do you need to embrace or accept so that you can integrate, heal, transform, and evolve?

What would it require for you to have the courage to explore those hidden parts of you that lead down a path toward your greatness?

We have the support of the planets to make room for the new, to let go, to regenerate.

In fact, they are encouraging it, and for some of us, they will even make changes on our behalf that we may think we are ready for.

How are the planets supporting us?

Although the moon is full, which implies an ending or release, the sun is conjunct with its north node in Taurus. The north nodes speaks to our dharmic future, the path of our soul evolution, which means that though endings are a possibility (if we are out of alignment with our path) this is also a time ripe with opportunity.

A Taurus north node guided us along our souls journey by helping us remember our embodiment, our connection to the earth, and the pleasures of experiencing life through our senses. It reminds us to slow down and smell the roses, to be in the present moment, and from there, begin to live what we value.

Uranus—the great awakener and planet of change, rebellion, the unexpected, and the future—is in close proximity to the north node, which presents the possibility of surprises, unexpected opportunities, flashes of genius moments, and unexpected positive change.

Pluto, the ruler of the eclipse, is in a friendly conversation with the sun, moon, Mars (Scorpio’s ancient ruler), and Neptune. Pluto represents power, transformation, truth, death, rebirth, and our soul path. Its conversation with the eclipse will give us the single-minded focus, curiosity, and determination to look deep within and initiate the necessary transformations.

Mars is one degree away from an exact conjunction with Neptune. Mars, our inner warrior and courageous pioneer, representing our drive, desire, and masculine active force is being influenced by the dreamy waters of Neptune, the nebulous energy of oneness, divinity, creative inspiration, transcendence, and love, which will awaken our inner divine masculine and inspire a desire within us to follow a dream, the path of service, or transcend barriers to our own divinity.

These planets are also in friendly conversation with the sun and the moon, helping us along in the process of what we are transforming.

Saturn, our great disciplinary and a planet that brings up our fears, doubts, issues of control, and responsibility is in square to the sun and moon. This uncomfortable aspect will highlight a place of tension in our lives where we are asked to choose between tradition and innovation, duty and independence, community and individuality, freedom and structure, and conscious evolution over the tried and true.

But within this moment of conflict, we have great opportunity for commitment, for taking responsibility of ourselves, for choosing a slow and steady path to personal growth, and for patience along our journey of self-mastery.

Jupiter just entered Aries, starting a new 12-year cycle. Aries is a sign of new beginnings, initiation, action, and energy. After spending several months in Pisces dreaming, rejuvenating, and imagining, Jupiter is now ready to take action on what is ready to be birthed and experienced.

Mercury just went retrograde in its own sign of Gemini, which will help us slow down our minds and reflect on how we have arrived where we are and what we need to do, think, and believe to get back into alignment with our soul’s path.

What does this mean for you?

The Buddha is said to be a Taurus, which aligns with his life and teachings. His great moment of enlightenment happened while he was sitting in stillness, in nature, just being, with no expectations or goal in mind. This is the Taurean way. Enlightenment through the senses, embodiment, presence, and appreciation of nature.

With the sun in Taurus you may be drawn to nature, to stillness, to the things of simple pleasure, to activating your senses and indulging in the experiences of taste, touch, sound, scent, and sight—with no end goal in mind.

Take some time to sit on the earth, go for a walk, to be by the water, to eat good food, to listen to your favourite song…and allow that experience to guide you back to stillness. From there, spend some time with the things you value, deciding what that is, and what you want to create more of moving forward.

Full moons can be intense times, doubly so with this Scorpio moon on a lunar eclipse. Slowing down and connecting to nature and the things that bring you value will help soothe the heightened emotions that may be present at this moon.

The Buddha’s birth and enlightenment is celebrated on the fourth full moon of the lunar year, which falls on this total lunar eclipse, making this an extremely auspicious time to meditate, to connect to the spiritual realm and to the energy of the Buddha.

It’s a potent time of transformation and accessing the truth of your own divine nature.

Spend some time meditating and reflecting on what you may need to bring to an end, what you may need to see about yourself or a situation you are in that you need to transform, or heal to make room for your greater potential. You may have a flash of genius moment of insight.

Get honest with yourself and radically own the truth of the totality of your being, the vastness of your potential, the innate power within to create your own reality, to heal, to transform. Remember that you are divine, a spark of life, a soul, a spirit, living in a sacred vessel that is a marvelous machine capable of unimaginable things.

And from there, shed what you need to step deeper into your magic.

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