June 17, 2022

Daddy Issues? 5 Ways to Heal, Celebrate & Love on Your Divine Masculine this Father’s Day.


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While many of us celebrate and love on the father figures in our lives this Father’s Day, there are just as many who are struggling with trauma from fathers who are absent, deceased, abusive, or distant.

While many of us suffer personally, on a broader scale, we are collectively suffering from a world that has been out of balance for a long time. In a patriarchal society, influenced and shaped by Colonialism, masculinity is infused with toxicity, affecting everything from our environment, education, government, corporate structure, families, and psyches.

On all levels, we can feel the detrimental carnage of violence, greed, and separation from nature caused by the suppression of the divine feminine and twisting of the masculine.

To heal, whether from toxic patriarchy, or a difficult relationship with your father, we must start where we have the most control, which is within ourselves. After all, we (the microcosm) are an expression of the whole (the macrocosm). When we live with love, balance, and full expression, we invite others to do the same.

Each of us, no matter our gender, holds the polarity of masculine and feminine within us. When expressed in a balanced and loving way, we feel harmonious, at peace, purposeful, clear, creative, humble, and powerful. When expressed with toxicity and imbalance, we are at war with ourselves and the world.

We express the divine feminine through creativity, flow, intuition, collaboration, and receiving. While our inner and outer worlds need much more of the divine feminine to find balance and heal, we also need to heal and embody our masculine. We express the divine masculine through assertiveness, action, strength, logic, and courage.

No matter your gender or relationship with your father, here are five ways to heal, celebrate, and love on your divine masculine this Father’s Day:

1. Be Assertive. Is it time to ask for a raise? To let your crush know you have feelings for them? To set a much-needed boundary with a loved one? Assert your divine masculinity and express yourself clearly, kindly, and unapologetically.

2. Take Bold Action. Is there a project you’ve been dreaming of? A decision you’ve been on the fence about? Give yourself permission to stop stalling and go for it. Write the first sentence of your book. Make the phone call. It’s time to act!

3. Be Strong. Whether expressed internally or externally, it’s time to trust and harness your strength. Lift something heavy. Do the “hard” thing. Don’t be afraid to fail—because failure is how we increase our threshold for strength.

4. Get Logical. Whether conquering Sudoku or looking at a problem from a rational perspective, enjoy getting all left-brained and feel the satisfaction of elegantly finding solutions to seemingly complex situations.

5. Be Courageous. What is something you’ve always wanted to do but have talked yourself out of? It’s time to befriend your fear, believe in your desires, and make the leap! What are you waiting for?

Happy Father’s Day and happy celebrating and healing of the masculine.

This important work begins with each of us. Let’s usher in an age of balance, collaboration, inner divinity, acceptance, and joy for the masculine and feminine within everyone and everything.


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Read 5 comments and reply

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