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June 17, 2022

Finding thy Self Peace

Photo by Pok Rie on Pexels.

Staring across the open waters, of the beautiful view of the Lake.

Watching the sun grazing over the water, with wonderful rays, with so much beauty added to the water.

When someone’s heart, been broken down, in so many shattering pieces. Which way shall the heart go.

No matter how many rough waves, comes in thy direction, continue on living for thy self.

Never give up on yourself, most definitely never lose who you are, because of the rough and high waves.

When we are weak and soft, we all go through many waves, from small, medium, large to extreme.

We continue on being strong on our own. We shed many tears alone, we continue on picking ourselves up, putting pieces back together, after every shattering moment.

We get judged of who we are, we get judged for our faith and believes. We continuously get taken advantage of our kindness and our purity soul.

We have so many people who comes into our lives, we lose many love ones in our journey of life. We have many who leaves, our life forever on our travels too.

We open ourselves up, to others to allow them into our heart, then the walls comes down, allowing new opportunities into our life.

When we drop the protective walls down, allowing others in. Then when others breaks that trust, that we have given to them. It’s very hard to believe, in them opportunities again.

Some point in life, we all have a breaking point. Where we just shut ourselves out and we become even more stronger.

We find our PEACE in ourselves and our soul. The moment has come to thy end, with others.

Where we find our peace and happiness alone. That we never have to worry, about being broken ever again.

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