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June 20, 2022

Great Examples of Corporate Philanthropy

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Some companies understand that giving back is very important to the communities in which they operate. They are committed to supporting organizations that are fighting for social change and are willing to make a larger impact through their giving programs. One of the most common ways that companies give to nonprofits is through their matching gift programs.

Through volunteer grant programs, businesses can provide financial assistance to local organizations in exchange for their employees’ efforts. These types of programs are very easy to implement and are often referred to as “corporate philanthropy.” There are several companies that deserve to be named MVPs for their efforts.


Since its inception, Lego has been known for its charitable activities. Through its various programs, the company aims to help children develop their creativity and contribute to a healthy planet. Recently, the company became the first toy manufacturer to be recognized by the World Wildlife Fund as a Climate Savers Partner. This means that it is committed to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions.

To meet its goal of using exclusively sustainable materials by 2030, the company has already started implementing various measures to improve its environmental impact. To further improve its sustainability efforts, the company has also partnered with researchers at its Sustainable Materials Center. This facility is dedicated to developing new bio-based materials.

Through these efforts, Lego is well on its way to becoming a more sustainable organization. It is committed to reducing its environmental impact and improving the quality of life for everyone.


In April 2011, Tim Cook became the new CEO of Apple. He immediately launched a program that allowed the company to match employee donations. Through this program, the company has contributed over $25 million to various charitable organizations.

In 2014, Apple expanded its corporate giving program to cover all of its countries. This new initiative allowed the company to extend its reach and provide more financial assistance to various charitable organizations. The company also announced that it would begin giving its employees $25 an hour for volunteering.

To ensure that its employees are contributing to the community, Apple also allows them to match donations up to $10,000 annually. Nonprofits that are classified as 501(c)(3) can additionally benefit from this program.


In addition to being a leader in the technology industry, cloud-based software company Salesforce is also a pioneer in corporate philanthropy. Through its charitable activities, the company has been able to help thousands of organizations. The company’s 1-1-1 philosophy was established to ensure that its employees are giving back to the community. It involves donating a portion of their salary to various charitable organizations.

Over the years, Salesforce employees have logged over 5 million volunteer hours. The company has also given over $406 million in grants and donations to various educational institutions and charitable organizations. Through its partnership with local school districts, Salesforce has improved the quality of education for students. As the company’s revenue grows, it is becoming more apparent that social impact and profit-making can be combined.


In 1983, 200 Microsoft employees participated in the company’s first employee giving program. Through the program, they raised $17,000 for various charitable organizations. Since then, the company’s employees have contributed over a billion dollars to various charitable organizations.

Microsoft has been able to help thousands of charitable organizations by donating various technology products. The donations included computers, software, and refurbished hardware. Through this program, the company could help organizations cut down on their technology expenses and modernize their operations.

Through its volunteer match program, Microsoft also allows its employees to give back to the community by volunteering for at least four hours. Employees are also allowed to submit matching gift requests to various charitable organizations. This allows them to raise up to $15,000 annually. The company has been consistently included in the list of top employee giving programs.


While it’s important to produce premium ice cream, Ben & Jerry’s also believes that positively impacting society is as important as it is to its business. In 2012, the company was able to become a B Corporation, which is a business that has a purpose and is committed to meeting the highest standards of transparency and social responsibility.

The company’s charitable organization, the Ben & Jerry’s Foundation, was established in 1985 to support grassroots movements that fight for social change.

The company’s charitable organization, the Ben & Jerry’s Foundation, has been able to help various organizations across the country by awarding grants. Some of the organizations that have received these grants include the Clean Air Coalition and the United Workers Association.

The Ben & Jerry’s Foundation was also able to receive an award for its work in 2014 for its efforts to address civic issues.

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