June 17, 2022

The Only Kind of Romantic Love we will Ever Need.

romantic love

Find a Soul Worth Loving.

We met through mutual friends.

He was handsome, successful, and his social status was respectable to say the least. We began to spend time together but only as friends. We didn’t know each other at all.

Our time together consisted of fancy dinners and extravagant parties. He was showing me parts of his world. He was someone anyone could easily fall in love with.

On paper, he was perfect. But I didn’t feel anything at all.

As time went on, we started spending time alone. We hiked. We watched sunrises and sunsets. We stargazed and made wishes upon shooting stars.

The more time we spent together, he opened up to me. He told me about his past. The broken pieces of himself. Things he struggled with. Goals he set for himself, which he had yet to achieve. And the not-so-great parts about who he was.

I learned about his passions. I discovered what he truly believed in. And I was finding out who he really was.

I was beginning to fall in love with him. But his handsome looks didn’t mean anything to me. His success didn’t impress me. His social status didn’t matter at all.

I was falling in love with his soul.

It’s easy to fall in love with what someone has on the outside. It’s easy to fall in love when everything feels like happiness and joy. But falling in love with someone’s soul is loving them, every part of them, even the not-so-great parts and the broken pieces.

Our souls define who we are. It’s our true identity.

When we fall in love with someone’s soul, we fall for their morals and values. We fall for what they believe in. We fall for their principles. We fall for the depth of who they are.

In order to fall in love with someone’s soul, we need to use our own soul to be the driving force behind our pursuits. Our soul knows what it’s looking for. Our soul knows healthy boundaries. Our soul knows how we should be loved. Our soul knows what we should accept or not accept. Our soul knows what we deserve. Our soul knows what it means to love and be loved.

It’s when we use our hearts and heads where we sometimes get lost.

But our soul, our soul knows what the hell it wants and needs. And when our soul falls in love with someone’s soul, it is the very best we can get. It’s our chance to love someone deeply. When we fall in love deeply, it’s the beginning of an epic love story filled with passion, devotion, dedication, and commitment.

It’s an earth-shattering type of love. It’s an over-the-moon type of love. It’s an out-of-this-world type of love.

It’s also simple, real, and true love.

Any other kind of love feels numb.

Something was missing before. Everything was missing before.

Almost as if we now understand why it never worked out with anyone before. It was because our souls hadn’t connected with another. It’s because we didn’t fall in love with anyone’s soul.

When we find a soul worth loving, it emanates through every cell of our body. We will feel the love before our mind even realizes what is happening.

When we find a soul worth loving, being with them feels like we are finally home. Everything now makes sense. Every road we took brought us to this exact moment. There is not a doubt in our being—we were meant to love this soul at this time.

It brings an energy level of happiness, understanding, compassion, kindness, and love.

When we find a soul worth loving, just being in their presence will heighten every fiber within us. We will feel it from our heads to our toes. Our souls will feel excitement, comfort, and bliss.

It’s love that is the essence of our being.

When we find a soul worth loving, it’s like two inseparable magnets. The energy between them is so strong that distance, misunderstandings, mistakes, and misdoings can’t be broken. Their bond is real.

When we find a soul worth loving, our souls have energy that speaks their own language. It’s a love so intense that sometimes all we need to do is to look at each other to understand what the other is thinking or feeling.

That understanding brings us confidence and connection, effortlessly.

When we love someone’s soul, we embrace the person whom we love completely.

I can’t imagine loving anyone any other way.

I wanted to know what others thought about falling in love with someone’s soul, so I asked a few friends their thoughts on the matter and here is what they had to say:

“A person’s soul is their core. It’s who they are regardless of what they want to portray themselves as. Even when they have lost their way and are disconnected, their soul remains the same until they come back to it. So no matter who someone pretends to be or not be, their soul is who they are. That’s the person I want to fall in love with. People have many faces but only one soul.”

“When you love someone, you fall in love with their beliefs. I feel that he knows what I’m thinking and vice versa. I feel connected to him without even talking. It’s like we know each other’s thoughts and feelings. I never ever felt this with anyone. No matter how busy or moody we were, he always kisses me goodbye when he leaves for work. He always checks on me. He can feel when something bothers me. It is seriously so crazy but feels so right.”

“You want to dive into how their mind works just so you can understand her thoughts. You need to hear her voice and feel her laughter because it feels like everything. You need to jump into her heart just so you can understand every emotion she feels, and you want to help her through her sadness. You love every damn part of her. I mean everything. That’s the only way I love. All in.”

“I have come to realize I have only been in love once. In a romantic love. And I believe that she is my person.  My ‘soul mate’ as some call it. Does that mean I am in love with her soul? I really don’t know. I wish I did. But I know I love her with all that I am. Maybe that means my soul loves her? Why did I do it? I didn’t. It just happened. Kind of became love. Maybe my soul knew. Maybe our souls knew.”

“I do believe in falling in love with someone’s soul. But that deep love. Reaching that level of love to love their soul.”

“When you love someone’s soul, you love everything about them.”

Find a soul worth loving. When our soul finds another soul to love, it’s exhilarating, magical, surreal, enchanting, extraordinary, and perfect in every way.

Even the not-so-great moments become perfect because we fell in love with someone’s soul—someone’s beautiful soul.

If you haven’t yet found a soul worth loving, let your soul lead the way.

Your soul has a purpose.

Your soul has the answers to the love you seek.

Open your soul to the possibilities. Souls know souls. The soul worth loving will find its way home.


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