June 27, 2022

Wow. “Bengals QB Joe Burrow shared this post on IG about the Supreme Court’s ruling on abortion.”

Anti-choice is not pro-life.

If we’re truuuuly pro-life, then we’re for education of children, and funding it, and funding teachers. We’re for free prenatal care, and postnatal care to 1 year old, and paid 6 month Maternity and 3 month Paternity leave. And we’ll offer that helpful newborn baby box they send parents in Finland.

If we truly view life as happening from the get-go, then men’s masturbation should be illegal—it too could have led to a baby & this choice must be taken away from men everywhere.

Brenna Simon: “Joe Burrow’s Instagram story has given me the feels. We need more men like Joe Burrow in this world… his mama should be proud, because she raised a good man!”

Here’s what we can do to strike back—& it’s likely our last chance.

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Read 4 comments and reply

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