July 6, 2022

Every Body is a “Bikini Body.”

Ah yes, the dreaded “swimsuit season”…and all its wondrous glory.

With the warm, sunny weather, a myriad of emotions flood in. Sometimes, stress ensues as we worry about our hygiene and overall appearance in the balmy summer months. We must always look cool and be cool, right?

Here’s where humanity got it wrong:

Bikinis don’t just belong on slim, svelte, powerful, muscular frames. They belong on every body type, every shape, every imperfect temple. Yes, you too can proudly wear a bikini.

Most people fall into a state of sadness over their body image because society is cruel and millions of marketing companies are hardwired to steal your hard-earned cash and make you believe that “quick-fixes” are the solution to all of your problems.


Every body is a bikini body.

Step 1: Buy a bikini.

Step 2: Put on the bikini.

Step 3: Strut.

I have been working in the fitness industry for over three decades, and in that time, I’ve seen thousands of insane fads come and go. Not once in my 30-year career did I ever try any of these ridiculous trends. I never went on a single diet and I never took the easy route to reaching my goals.

If you are reading this and think that it’s impossible to wear a bikini and be truly content in your own skin, think again.

We have all been conditioned to think that a lean physique = acceptance by others, and as a bonus, an obvious boost of confidence and an improvement in one’s self-esteem. Sure, most people are attracted to those who care for themselves. But what about you?

Are you attracted to you?

Swimsuit season can be grueling and so rough. I know a lot of women who stress endlessly over how their bodies look in a revealing bathing suit—and granted, it’s an incredibly tumultuous event for most ladies. I’ve been there, done that.

Guess what: I have spider veins, some visible cellulite on my legs along with some stretch marks, and a copious amount of freckles and age spots. But I still wear my bikini and I’m happy.

So…join me, will you?

Join me in the crusade for better health and wellness. Go ahead and don that bikini, grab your sunscreen, put on a hat, grab some sunglasses, and let’s celebrate summer together with style and grace!

Let’s all be much kinder to ourselves today and every single day.

Let’s all wear our swimsuits, let’s all strike sexy poses in the mirror, and let’s all say that we’re gorgeous and worthy and amazing, just as we are.

Every body is a bikini body—and don’t let anyone ever convince you otherwise.


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