August 9, 2022

My 3-Year-Old Threw a Rock at my Face & This is what I Learnt.

Life lessons come in many shapes and forms—sometimes in the humbling moment of a giant rock hitting the side of your face at the hands of your toddler.

After shrieking a dramatically high note, hand to my eye, blood gushing, I’m looking at this tiny adorable human staring at me, her dumbfounded, and me flabbergasted that things can go “wrong” so quickly.

Here are the 3 lessons I was reminded of.

1. If sitting in the emergency waiting room feels like a holiday, then…
You should probably be prioritizing self-care more.

As I sat there with my head throbbing, but no toddler attached to my body, I found myself thinking, “Wow, this is so nice, so peaceful, so quiet,” and I actually had to laugh out loud at the absurdity of it all.

This is my reminder (and yours) to just do the damn thing and find some moments of peace to yourself that do not involve the hospital and dentist appointments 😉

2. Just trust your f*cking instinct, already.

I find it cruel that seconds before the rock hit my face I was thinking and feeling the urge to remove the rock as soon as possible. Now, whether it was stubbornness or laziness on my part to act, I don’t even know, but I sure as hell wish I removed the rock the second I felt my instinct alarming.

So let us all just trust our bodies—they’re pretty smart.

3. Life happens—be prepared to not be prepared.

It’s happening all the time, and who knows of what nature the happening will be. The happening might require a trip to the hospital. So, for your own sanity, just know where your health card is. Just kidding (kinda).

Beyond that, things happen—this is the way of it. Breathe, do the best you can, take from it what you can, and move on.

I’m hoping you don’t have to take a knock like this from your toddler to learn some lessons, though chances are we all learn better with a bang like this.

Stay safe, take care of yourself, be here now.

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Read 8 comments and reply

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