October 12, 2022

Social Media & False Fame: What Numbers make us Assume.

Let’s talk about social media “fame.”

I often get people who write to me and say, “You have this number of followers—you are famous.”

But then, I think to myself how every day, I go to work, I pay the bills, I parent, and I hustle.

I think to myself how I write to people who actually have a name in this world and they do not respond to me.

I think to myself how I have traveled throughout the world and nobody recognises me or stops me.

I think to myself how I wrote a book, yet I have not made any profit and many don’t know that.

I think to myself how I have written to brands for sponsorship and support, only to be declined because I don’t fit them.

I think to myself how I have written to Instagram for a blue tick on my account, only to be declined and told I’m not recognized enough as someone of value and social significance to be given a blue tick.

I think about how I create and share all my content for free.

I think to myself how I do this for love and to share my journey for healing and helping others. The number makes people miss that and not see me.

So again, the word fame doesn’t mean a number on social media.

When we look at people on social media, we lose perspective.

A number is not fame. Social media fame is not fame. It’s false fame.

I am—and many of us are—simply a human connecting to others, not recognised by many, and known by few. (Well, that’s me anyway.)

Please do not get lost in a world of instant gratification thinking that another is famous or has it better because of the likes and numbers.

It is likely that they are simply walking side by side with you, just like me, trying their best to share and help others without any additional benefits—many with no more grace or ease. Just simple, old fashion hard-working souls hoping for better tomorrows and working for better tomorrows, as they are chasing their dreams, too.

What do numbers make you think? Do they make you assume something about someone?

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Read 7 comments and reply

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