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October 12, 2022

What if we all nourished each other

“Faces are never ugly or beautiful, minds are.” ~ Shilpa Goel

In a world where everyone poses for attention as it is a visual world. What if we all became mamas and papas and shined love and celebrated each other’s journey instead of judged and shamed. Just like kids want to be seen we can all be seen with love too.

Have you not learned from someone who has posted?
Have you not been inspired by someone who has posted?
Maybe in a world where we want to be seen we also want to help each other?

Why we post is to be seen. But to be seen as a small child means to be nourished, to find belief and courage to try new things, to learn we are worthy, to grow our skills when we do not believe and someone believes in us and says we can, to find our place in the world and who we want to be.

For us adults it is much the same wishes. Along with growing ourselves like a child we are building communities, building connections, networking and building business.

What if in a world where we forget being seen can also mean can we look without our voice commenting, drawing conclusions, comparing or trying to figure it out?

For me it has helped me to be holding my first retreat, write my book, to develop my self love, to grow movement practice, to discover new teachers I wish to learn from, become a better teacher, build new friendships, become a better mother and woman to learn and grow, to feel not so alone, to find ways to heal from trauma and work on my mental health, to be able to do my yoga teacher training, to pay the bills.
So in a world where we associate being seen as attention seeking, what if we changed it to being seen helping us to build better tomorrows , lives, selves, grow, build ways to pay for our lives, build friendships that nourish us and more?

Why are you here on social media?
What does being seen help you with in your life?

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