November 21, 2022

Mindful News Roundup: I’m ready to date again, Christmas Tree out of books, Elon is a creep, Teslas have lost their luster, Twitter is doomed, Iran, avoid Amazon, Gun Responsibility, Toxic Family, oh my.

Once in awhile, there’s just too many things on my mind to share just one. There’s helpful things, mindful things, timely things, tragic timely things, mindful timeless things:

Reasonable gun responsibility is supported by most Americans. It looks like this​.

Dealing with toxic Family can be hard. First tip: don’t solidify your view of them as toxic unless they are full-on abusive, off-the-map awful. Even racists can be reformed.

Getting the most out of loving family time is a beautiful, important, too-rare thing.

Cooking, slowing down, leaving the phone aside, avoiding too much TV…this is the season for quality time. What do you enjoy doing? Oh, and the turkeys.

Stand with our Ukrainian, Iranian sisters and brothers and others who support freedom with bravery and peace on earth, goodwill to all peace-loving humans everywhere. Here’s my convo with an Iranian activist.

Shop local, buy less or nothing or ethical-only on Black Friday, avoid Amazon, here’s a bit about why.

And, finally, get off Twitter, already. It’s now the equivalent of supporting, say, Amazon…only the owner is a creep and a narcissist and he’s actively ruining his companies. We did, leaving behind our 200,000 plus fans on 6 accounts I’d had since 2008. Ugh : these were our last tweets.

Oh, and finally finally, I’m finally maybe-mostly ready to date again. Quite a response to my saying so—folks have been sweet, supportive, kind, and inspired themselves about how I announced such, judging by some of the many comments.

And, featured image, this year you could make this “free” Christmas tree out of your existing books, keep ’em off the floor by piling ’em on a plank, and “Spring” clean all your shelves while you’re at it.

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Read 12 comments and reply

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