November 21, 2022

When folks say “don’t have kids bc of Climate Change,” I ask if they’ve seen the first scene of Idiocracy.

My reply: “people have very different carbon footprints. Folks in the US, on average, are something like 6 or 7 times folks in undeveloped nations. Even here, I have a much more friendly footprint than many of my friends. I believe we have to raise children who care about our planet. Those who don’t care are happily breeding away. A child can create ripples of goodness, or selfishness, their whole lives. Those who might ripple out goodness can help create a kinder greener healed world. I just wrote about this! Have you seen the Idiocracy movie? They make fun of this whole conversation.”

I’m an environmentalist. I want children. Children can be a force for eco-responsibility. They’d better be, if we’re to survive as a species. If only those who don’t give a care about our planet “breed,” where does that leave us? You know where.

It’s a healthy concern. And yes, there’s other ways to help and serve and connect and love, like adoption, or:

Love that, and yes, that’s beautiful and a good path.

I don’t think it’s one-for-one, straightforward, linear, though.

Some children, say Greta for an easy example, care and inspire and care for others…and some create tons of toxic carbon crap all their lives, along with, say, some hate and selfishness. We need caring children to lead our next generation, not not get born and raised to be loving and inspired and help out from caring parents, while uncaring parents go ahead and have big families.

You’ve seen Idiocracy?

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Read 2 comments and reply

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