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December 19, 2022

Why You Should Never Share A Screenshot Message From Your Phone

In our-digitized lives, we are constantly on our phones, and constantly messaging. US statistics show that Americans check their phones at least 36 times a day. What we also tend to do, is share messages received or sent by taking a screenshot and sharing with others. Here below I explain why this is a bad practice, and why you should stop doing that right away. When you stop doing that, you will increase you communication authority and integrity, and you will become more professionally successful.

What is a text message?

A text is a modern short digital letter. Learn to treat it as our grandparents treated the hand-written letters they received from their loved ones. Treasure the content and make it a habit never to share it no matter what. At times not sharing information you received via text message may not get you the rewards the message may promise to deliver, but it will increase your personal worth as you will gain trust, integrity and self-awareness.

When you share a message that was written for you, you break a digital code of communication. This is not an encouraged practice among top executives as this is seen as “cheating” or “corrupting” the chain of communication. It is like gossiping, it is never useful, and it is certainly not good for business where confidentiality and discretion are a must. Furthermore, a message received on your phone that you shared with someone else, may be manipulated and used against you down the line. This is particularly true if this is business related, as it may contain proprietary information that was only meant for your personal consumption. Don’t forget to read the fine lines on communication disclosure of your business as you may be breaking the rules without knowing it.

Text less and produce more

While under-communicating is not great, over communicating can be worse. If you are always on your phone texting, you are probably not learning nor building anything real. If you want to be successful, learn to become more selective about who you write to, which emails to reply, and whether you should spend any time on social media. Instead, produce more, read more and exercise more. This will lead to more self-appreciation and focus. Now get to work and shut off your phone.

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