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January 7, 2023

The Importance Of Integrity In Relationships

A couple without integrity cannot succeed.

Integrity is the way in which the structure of the relationship works and sustains itself.

Integrity sustains the weight of the foundation of the partnership, without integrity, everything collapses in just a matter of time if not addressed and corrected.

Think of integrity as the ratio between the different parts of a building.

The architect uses specific parameters so that the structure can stand up, be safe and last as long as possible.

Integrity is always personal, individual, but in a relationship we need to also stand for the other person’s well-being.

That means we must first know our own core values and live in a way that honours and embodies them at their fullest.

It means that our words are always going to be followed by congruent actions.

When we are in integrity, we state what we really mean and we do what we say we are going to do.

This builds personal responsibility, inner strength, and trust.

Our partner knows that he or she can count on us.

We are behaving like solid, mature, reliable human beings.

When we can’t follow up with our word, we correct it by clearly communicating to the other person the situation and the reasons why the course of things is changing, apologising if necessary, in this way we can re-established integrity and alignment.

The second aspect of integrity is alignment.

A relationship is built by two individuals with different views of life.

To build together we need to share our visions, priorities, values, desires and directions with the intention to find a common understanding and terrain.

Alignment is sometimes about choosing to create in favour of our partner’s vision, sometimes it’s about creating from scratch a new one, and other times it’s our partner that will feel that our dream must be taken as a priority.

Alignment is a decision making process that respects each individual in the couple, it’s about consulting each other and deeply taking into consideration our partner’s most important things in life, as well as our own.

It’s knowing that we are one organism made by two individuals and we should act as a team!

A specific mention needs to be made about sexual integrity.

Being in integrity in our sexuality means that we respect the direction we chose for our relationship.

After aligning on the type of partnership we want (monogamous, polygamous, all the different nuances that both ways can be, etc…) we stick to it.

For many, flirting is justified and considered as an acceptable way to connect.

If nothing physical has happened, then there is seemingly no harm and no one to blame for it.

That’s a mistake.

Underestimating the power of energy exchange between two people and the damage that leaking sexual energy can do in consciousness and subsequently to the dynamic of the relationship is a regrettable course of action.

The impact can be very strong even if apparently “invisible”.

Any kind of flirting leaks sexual energy from the couple.

This ultimately damages the integrity of the couple’s sexual intimacy. Which takes away from the potential depth the couple can reach in their sexual exchange.

If this continues for too long, it will eventually drain the couple of the sexual energy that determines their sexual potential.

This is just one example of how important integrity is in the context of intimate relationships.

On the path of devotional love we explore Integrity/Alignment as one of the 10 pillars that create a beautiful, healthy, devotional partnership.

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With Love,

Kai & Gabriella

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