March 30, 2023

Waylon with Andrea Rose of Planet-Based Living Festival. {Part 1}


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Walk the Talk Show with Waylon Lewis presents:

In our latest, greatest Walk the Talk Show with Waylon Lewis, Waylon talks with Andrea Rose, a veritable fount of knowledge of all things “planet-based living” and the co-founder of the Planet-Based Living Festival in Boulder, Colorado.

Her mission is to heal, inspire, and transform the lives of people, animals and the planet through the education of “PLANET-Based Living.”

“I have such a caring-about-the-planet crush on you. I’m so into this!” ~ Waylon Lewis

Part One of their conversation can be found below:

Waylon and Andrea had so much to say that they were cut off by Instagram’s time limit. In a rare part two appearance, Andrea joined Waylon for a second conversation a few weeks later. Listen to Part Two, here.

“It’s planet-based—it’s based on putting the planet first. Things that you can do in your daily life where you are choosing to live kinder on our earth. One of those things is plastics—it’s one thing to save cows and pigs and chickens, as a vegan. That’s great, but I don’t feel that is enough, because wildlife is suffering. We’re taking their land away. We’re clear cutting forests. We are polluting the oceans. We’re polluting beaches. We’re putting toxins in the air.” ~ Andrea Rose

“We give ourselves hope. And like you said, we don’t need a couple people doing it perfectly. We need billions of people doing it imperfectly. So if we all start doing what we can do, it’s joyful, it’s fun. And, we start having that community feeling of like, ‘Okay, we’re far from perfect. We have some serious obstacles, but we’re making some real progress.'” ~ Waylon Lewis

Or, listen to the podcast:

“One thing that everyone can do: get in the habit of bringing your own water bottle wherever you go.

People don’t forget their cell phones, right? So if you put the same value into not contributing more waste and into remembering to bring our water bottle, that will be cutting down on so much waste.

I just want to remind people to be prepared for the planet.” ~ Andrea Rose

“With my co-organizer, we came up with the Planet-Based Living Festival. It’s a plastic-free event. No single-use plastic. You will not see water bottles at our event. You will not see juice bottles at our event made from plastic. Everyone has to have compostable or reusable containers. We really put effort in.

There’s no palm oil, either.” ~ Andrea Rose


“This stuff is sexy. Nothing is more exciting to me than figuring out composting or figuring out how not to poison our children or how not to create climate change and destroy this miraculously beautiful planet.” ~ Waylon Lewis 


Andrea is on Instagram; follow her here and the Planet-Based Living Festival, here. And be sure to learn more about planet-based living.


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