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April 25, 2023

Buckle up! We are in for a wild ride starting in April!

Hello fellow lightworkers and spiritual warriors. March was definitely the powerful and magical month that we anticipated. The significant alignments of the month kicked off a new wave of energy that definitely set the stage for the rest of the year, if not the next decade or so. The highlights of last month were when Saturn entered Pisces and then Pluto entered Aquarius. Both Saturn and Pluto are outer planets, which signifies that although we felt this shift internally, the energy will have a very strong influence on the collective. Saturn will stay in Pisces for 3 years and Pluto will stay in Aquarius for 20 years. The energy of these alignments, especially Pluto in Aquarius, will likely create another huge contraction in the 3 D matrix as we continue birthing this new age. Although March was pretty powerful, the energy appears to be steadily increasing as we progress through April and will not let up until October. The next six months will likely be challenging for those who are still fully entrenched in the 3 D matrix. It is so important for us lightworkers to continue focusing on our vision of building this new world because there will likely be some significant crumbling of the old system this year. The events that will transpire in the 3 D Matrix from April to October will be more significant than what we collectively experienced in 2020. If you are interesting in listening to my podcast regarding the energy of April, please follow this link.

Before getting into the energies of April, let’s recap the two major alignments in March because they are preparing us for what is to transpire for the rest of the year. Saturn, the task master, went into Pisces, which rules spirituality, to check in to see if we have been doing our spiritual work. In March of 2020, when Saturn went into Aquarius, which rules the people and humanity, the universe created a global shut down, which prompted a collective dark night of the soul experience. This forced us all to examine our fears, how we are living our lives, the structures we live in and so much more. For many of us lightworkers, this catapulted us to really get into alignment with this ascension process and make some radical life changes. Because Pisces also rules illusions, this new Saturn transit will hopefully illuminate and transmute the shadow that was created during the Age of Pisces such as corruption, victimization and greed. Because Saturn also assists us into manifesting our dreams into reality, this transit is preparing us for this 20 year deeply transformative Pluto cycle, which will likely move us exponentially further into the Age of Aquarius and hopefully by the end of this 20 year cycle, we will have birthed this new world. If you would like to learn more about the energies of March, please listen to my March podcast here..

Pluto, the planet of transformation, is now in Aquarius, which means that we are ending the Capricorn cycle of hard work and responsibility and exposing and transforming its shadow which is workaholism, materialism and obtaining wealth, power and status at any cost.  As we enter into this new Pluto transit, we will hopefully see radical transformations and changes that will benefit the collective as a whole because Aquarius rules what is best for humanity. We have been dreaming about this shift for quite a long time and this next 20 years is when us lightworkers will see some tangible results. In preparation for this Pluto transit, many of us felt a huge shift around the new moon in Pisces at end of February, which left us feeling totally exhausted as we began integrating this new energy. I began noticing massive and multiple lenticular clouds forming on the mountain here at Mt. Shasta, more so than normal, leading up to this new moon and into March, which also seems significant. For most of March, especially towards the end, we also experienced intense solar flares, which infused us with light codes and new information. Personally, I had to take a break from work in March to integrate all of this intense energy. As Pluto moved into Aquarius, the energy became even more intense. I heard from many lightworkers that this was felt very strongly in our physical bodies, as many of us experienced physical symptoms such as extreme body aches. I felt as though my whole nervous system was triggered and I was in severe pain for most of the day. All of this intense energy is preparing us for this next 20 year cycle which will likely be the most transformative time of our life, if not lifetimes.

We are now fully in Aries season, which is the first sign of the zodiac and a very powerful sign. Aries is ruled by Mars and is a cardinal sign, which means it gets things going. If you think of the zodiac as the life cycle, Aries is the powerful push needed to birth us into the world and this month will definitely embody that energy. Aries is associated with the ego, our identity and sense of self. Although we have a full moon in Libra towards the beginning of the month, the first major transit that will really shake things up is the new moon solar eclipse in Taurus on the 19th or 20th depending on your location. This powerful alignment will set the stage for the intense energy and collective experiences that will be felt of the next 6 months. If you recall, last year’s eclipse season, as well as most of 2022, was felt more internally but with this energy, it seems as though we will experience the intensity in the external world. As I have mentioned before, the energy of 2023 will likely bring a lot more turmoil in the 3D matrix, which will spark some massive global shifts.  As always, please make sure to keep taking care of yourself, because even though we haven’t even fully recovered from 2020, we will likely experience the next “contraction” as we shift the collective into a higher collective evolutionary state.

Eclipses are portals for exponential growth and change and this eclipse seasons which begins at the end of the month is not an ordinary solar eclipse because it will also activate another extremely significant alignment. Pluto in Aquarius will square the north and south nodes in Taurus and Scorpio, also referred to as the nodes of fate. The eclipse will serve to amplify this and this is big, as I mentioned, possibly bigger than what we encountered in 2020. Nodes are an astrological pattern that affect the collective deeply and reflect what we as the collective need to be working on in order to evolve. Since the beginning of 2022, we have been working with the Taurus north node, what we need to be focusing on, which rules finances, the material world and how we value ourselves and the Scorpio south node, what we are releasing, which rules transformation and power dynamics. In 2022, this change in nodes was super serious, life and death serious. Taurus rules over the material world (life) and Scorpio rules the over the concept of death. Nodes are also a very significant aspect of our natal chart. The North node in our natal chart is what we are working on in this lifetime and the south node is what we have already mastered in previous incarnations.

And now our collective nodes will square with Pluto, which is intense. Pluto in Aquarius, which is about the good of the people will challenge the Taurus aspects of the collective, money, how we value ourselves, etc. to really expose what isn’t serving us. Pluto exposes truths that we do not want to see. And in Aquarius, it will expose how humanity has been betrayed. Pluto purges in order to transform. Whatever will transpire in the 3D matrix, Pluto will force us to look at how we are living our lives. For example, we have long known that our political, financial and corporate systems just aren’t working for the greater good. Most people are not living the life they desire nor deserve, but this will change within the next 20 years. Consequently, there will definitely be some serious dissolving of these systems. Pluto is also going to ask us to face our fears about all that Taurus rules, fear of being self-sufficient, fear of losing our jobs, fear of losing our money, etc.  An aspect we will likely have to face will be that we are all part of a broken system to some extent. We have normalized that politicians are corrupt but keep voting for the best of two evils. We continue working for companies and buying their goods and services that are corrupt and harming the planet. Why is this ok? Why are we allowing people who are not operating with 100% integrity to make any decisions for us? We have for so long taken this victim approach and continue to say well that is just how it is.  However, Pluto will make us face our cognitive dissonance, as it did in 2020. Pluto was very active that year. Pluto destroys to rebuild and hopefully this is the beginning of the end to this broken system which is ultimately designed to disempowers us. I believe this Pluto square will prompt many in the 3D matrix to really question the systems we live in and hopefully make some well needed changes. For us lightworkers, the world will likely be catching up to the ideals that we have already been embodying and working towards.

And to make things even more interesting, mercury will go into retrograde on the 21st of April. Then on the 25th, the Sun will conjunct our north node, which will provide us with some strength and energy to continue trusting where we are going. And if the square and retrograde in April is not enough for us to handle, when Pluto retrogrades back into Capricorn in June, it will then square the new nodes in Aries, the north node and Libra, the south node. I intuitively felt that June was going to be a tumultuous month this year, but with these alignments it definitely supports this. Keep in mind, Aries is ruled by Mars, which is not known for being mild mannered, to say the least. This will definitely ramp up the intensity of the energy, which will last until October, which will most definitely create some huge tension within the 3D matrix. All I have to say is Yikes!

Oftentimes, I am asked how to prepare for this. For years, I have said that the only thing we can do in times such as these is make sure we are doing our spiritual work and not be too attached to the material. None of us truly know exactly what will transpire in the 3 D Matrix. We need not be afraid, but it is helpful to make sure that we are continuing our self-care practices. No matter what transpires, we need to keep trusting our vision. Remember, the light has already won. Now more than ever, it is important for us to connect with our tribes. We have all signed up for this crazy, amazing and magical experience and we know that in the future, we will have birth this new earth. So, buckle up and enjoy the ride!

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