June 26, 2023

Capricorn Full Moon: Building the Future Vision. {July 3}

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“Going to the mountains is going home.” ~ John Muir


Whether we have been lucky enough to explore the lived, breathed, tangible earth reality of the mountain landscape, the physical climbing of one, or have otherwise metaphorically experienced the arduous challenge of climbing our own self-made, life-made mountain, we can all relate to the feeling of being at various points along the “mountain.”

The start of the climb and of the Fool’s journey (as indicated in the Hero’s Journey and The Fool in Tarot as the start of a new journey) begins with anticipation of the unknown, of the unchartered lands through which we will inevitably travel through, nervousness of what shall unfold, fearing if we will make it to the top, or the fear of what to do when we make it to the top.

The peak of any journey and climb represents the goal, the climax, the success, the “job-well-done.” But, who we become along the way matters more than we realize or give the mountaineer credit for. Halfway up, we question our sanity, doubt the mission entirely, wonder why we chose this particular mountain to climb, wondering who we will be on the other side of the journey. The emotions we experience along the way color the landscape of our lived, human experience, from the overwhelm of the mission, to fear and anticipation of defeat, to joy and ecstasy of success.

This journey is one we all must take, one we are all on during this lifetime, and through life challenge or various life choice, we set out to climb our own individual mountains of growth and self-evolution. Nowhere in any guidebook does it say the journey will be easy or without its discomfort. And, yet we still choose to keep going despite the uncertainty of success.

This is Capricorn energy. The mountain goat. The mountain climber. The slow and steady energy making its way up the mountain. The builder. The stabilizing force we need to bring our visions to life. To put in the practical action steps toward building the future vision and dreams held within the heart.

Capricorn energy is stern. It is steady. It is bent on responsibility to the foundations that will support us for the long haul. Toward building the brighter future by putting in the work. Ruled by Saturn, the taskmaster planet, we can feel the sense of duty and accountability this energy has to not shy away from the nitty-gritty work.

This Capricorn energy will be with us for the full moon on July 3, landing in the earth sign of the goat, at 7:38 a.m. EST, and at 11 degrees of the cardinal sign. This full moon marks the halfway point of the year and asks us to reflect upon what we have done, what we still have to do, and what we have been setting out to do and accomplish as of late. A time to reassess and review.

With the sun now in the sign of Cancer, ruler of home and family, ancestral energy, lineage healing, we have this polarity between Cancer (the mother) and Capricorn (the father). An interplay between our private and public sectors of life. Our inner, emotional, vulnerable feeling Cancerian self and our more out-in-the-world “doing” Capricorn self.

This is a potent time to reflect on themes in regards to home and the family unit, unhealed familial and lineage wounds, and feeling more sensitive and tapped into the emotional waters. We can feel and sense our intuition a little bit more as we swim in the Cancer waters. A deep, sensitive time that can bring up some sore spots in need of more nurturing love, care, attention, and compassion. To re-parent the parts within that still feel vulnerable and wounded. This is the higher exaltation of the Cancer/Capricorn axis. Re-parenting the self with compassion and containment.

This full moon will be supportive energy to help us to keep moving forward and building the life we set out to create. We may have felt like we have been moving one step forward, and two steps inward as of late. As we set out to create a new life, or set out on a newer journey, stepping deeper into our light and soul’s path, shadows pop up even harder it seems. The shadows permeate into our consciousness to the level we are deepening into our light, as all life seeks this wholeness and balance. There is nothing wrong with the shadows, just more to integrate back into the whole sense of self. We take one step forward and two steps inward, back to the patterns that need our attention, old fears, and old wounds. A cosmic dance, if you will, between Capricorn’s future building energy and Cancer’s sensitive, vulnerable heart energy. We need both.

We just had the Solstice on June 21, a potent time in the Northern hemisphere through which the light is becoming more evident, and in the Southern, the dark more prominent. The solstice energy always marks a day and moment in time to reflect on our own light/dark dance within the self. To not negate the darker shades of life for fear of the discomfort that exists there, but to illuminate our hearts with a space so open and receptive to welcoming all of life in its various shades of black, light, gray, and wholeness interwoven.

Mixed in with these energies, Pluto (newly in Aquarius after a 20-year journey) stationed retrograde and back into Capricorn, where it’ll be until January 20, 20224. We have a six-month long journey backward or rather bringing up energies of the past, energies we have been knee-deep in for a long time and then some, working through on a deep structural level to uproot.

Old wounds may come up during these next few months, themes around addictions, our sense of power, and the various death/rebirth cycles of which we are all familiar with by now. It’s a time to review and reassess if we have truly let go of the outdated structures in our lives (jobs, relationships, belief systems, old ways of thinking and behaving) or if we need to go back and do some more releasing and letting go.

This full moon energy is supportive of the long game, of helping us build the future vision, of bringing to life the dreams reawakening in our Cancer hearts. Jupiter, newly in Taurus, will be trine the full moon, giving us an extra dose of earthy energy to keep building and focusing on what it is we want now, for this version of self, not the version of self a week ago, a month ago, or two years ago.

We are different now, and that was supposed to happen. We were never meant to stay the same, and sometimes that means clearing out relationships that don’t see, honor, and support the self we are now. There can be great grief, confusion, loss, and uncertainty in that process of course, but it does not mean we are meant to hold on tighter—but to tend to the self who’s afraid to let go. Meet that self with unconditional regard for trying to keep you safe. Know that you have the wisdom to make the needed path and course correction, for the highest good of the soul. And know that it’s normal to feel doubt, fear, and uncertainty along the way.

This energy asks of us: What are we investing our precious energy in now?

Because our energy is the highest and most valuable commodity there is. What we give energy to, we give life to. And sometimes, what has deadened and decayed already, siphons the energy right out of us. That’s how we’ll know. Divine discernment of what is ours and what is no longer meant to be carried with us into the next journey of self.

Jupiter in Taurus wants us to evaluate our self-value, our resources, our energy, how we value ourselves and our gifts. How are we building the life we truly want?

Venus in Leo is also a part of this energetic conversation. Venus in Leo is heart energy, creative juice we need to feel inspired again. To come into newer relationship with love. To come into higher alignment with our light, through our hearts as portal to growth. To remember how to deeply value the sacredness of our love, our hearts, and ourselves—the most valuable gift we could ever give anyone and ourselves. Love is the currency and we are the portals through which we can move and give this energy to the cosmos, to a job, to a person, to a new life phase. Venus in Leo is here to remind us of the inner royalty. Of the diamond in the rough. Of the innate value of who and what we are.

And with Venus going retrograde in Leo on July 22 and staying there until September 3, we are all going to be moving through these energies on an even deeper level. We are already in the shadow period of this retrograde and may already be sensing and feeling a changing and shifting of the tides in regards to money, self-value, relationships, and self-worth.

This retrograde is heart-infused energy to reconnect us back to what truly matters to the heart and see if we are choosing to align with that or if we are still playing it safe in the shadows of safety and comfort. Leo wants bold, courageous expression. Leo energy dares to create big, juicy visions. Leo energy is the lioness we all have within ready to roar and exclaim its right to dream big and be bold in its pursuit of its dream. We can all harness this energy to fuel our inner fire and reconnect us back to our courage.

With Saturn in Pisces having newly moved into retrograde as well on June 17 and staying there until November 4, we are getting crystal clear on what is working for us and what is not. On what we need and don’t need moving forward. Clearing out the excess. Integrating the spiritual journey into our daily lives and how much we are trusting our path through that lens. Slowing down and reviewing the structures and responsibilities in our lives and how we are showing up for those.

It’s a time to take a deeper look into our relationship to that inner father energy, to the part of us that knows how to put in the work to get to where we need to be. Setting boundaries where they are needed. Being committed to the soul’s journey. It’s a time to review the dreams we have and what steps we have been taking toward those.

Mercury is in Cancer, opposing the moon, and we are becoming more in touch with how we feel about the plan we have moving forward. This is connecting us with the felt, emotional knowing of what we are building and how much it matters to us to stay connected to that. Our minds may feel sensitive and soft here, and we can use this energy to explore deeper into the emotional landscape of our own unique triggers and wounds. Themes around family will be strong here also. We may be reflecting on patterns of communication in the family unit and working to rewrite these narratives for the future family, bent on honesty, transparency, healing, truth, and soul sovereignty. We are no longer bent on hiding our authentic self and are aligning to energies and relationships that honor the self we are now.

Cancer energy can be deeply attached though, so there may be some push and pull here around wanting to let go and also fearing to. Cancer energy seeks safety above all else—how to find safety in the world, in our relationships, in our lives, in ourselves. Safety is always about coming deeper into connection with the body, the first home we inhabit. And for many of us, through trauma, we disconnected from our inner home, our inner sense of safety. Like a buoy adrift in the sea, we have felt lost and disconnected for so long from that felt sense of safety that we wonder how to get back to it.

Working with our ancestors is noted here too, going back in time to see where similar patterns of threat may have been felt and how we have adopted and adapted these patterns to fit this day and age. It’s not about judgment though, but about compassion for the survival patterns we took on.

Capricorn energy is steady and supportive of the deep inner diving, too. Here to build the container for us to dive deeper into our emotions. This full moon is a deeply supportive time for the self we are now and the self we are becoming.

Next month on July 18, the nodes of the moon will be moving into the Aries/Libra axis for the next two years of karmic clearing and soul growth. This energy will be awakening the courage within the self even more to go after what it is we want, and to release outdated modes of relating with others, people-pleasing, and codependent patterns keeping us small and limited.

This full moon energy is a time to get clear. Stay connected to the self you are now. Stay hopeful of the future self you are holding delicately in your heart, tending to the practical matters to get there.

This full moon energy is a time to put in the work but feel deeply supported by the universe to do so. Allow this full moon to hold your emotions with delicacy and care. To remind you how held and supported you are in this next phase of life too. To know that your heart is the only true compass you can trust on your soul’s journey. That your light is so unbelievably precious and sacred—and that, so too, are your darker shades. That wholeness is the way home. That you are the way home. That home is always within, never without. That the mountains we climb can remind us of the inner fortitude within the self, ever resilient, committed, and dedicated to the soul’s path. That the self we are building is worthy of all the goodness, abundance, joy, and inspiration we have been searching long and hard for.

You are the diamond in the rough. The illuminating presence of your being is the needed medicine for this world now.

So let your light come through the crevasses of your wounds. Let your light remind you how loved you are. Let your light illuminate all falsities of belief. And. Guide. Your. Way. Home. Always.


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