June 21, 2023

New Graduates: Here are 3 Habits I Wish I Started Sooner.

Graduating from college remains a cherished accomplishment for me.

It’s also a wake-up call to the next part of a young person’s life, which can be overwhelming, terrifying, and confusing.

I graduated college in the early 2000s and it blows my mind how much time has passed, and rather quickly I might add.

I remember walking at graduation with a mixture of satisfaction and pure dread. Now it was time to put what we learned to use. It was time to grow up.

If you’re a new grad or the parent of one, I hope this article provides you with some insights, peace of mind, and a few ways to move forward.

Below, I share three habits I wish I’d started sooner after graduating from college.

1. I wish I had set a few clear goals.

Setting goals, no matter how big or small, is good for your brain.

When you set a goal, your brain’s reticular activating system will hone in on everything related to that goal to help you accomplish it. For example, if you want to buy a red sports car, you’ll start to notice red sports cars everywhere.

Set three goals for yourself to accomplish in your first out of college:

>> Write them down and make them specific
>> Meditate on the feeling of the goal being accomplished and how satisfying that feels
>> Expect your goal to be accomplished with ease

Your goal may not manifest in the exact way you picture, but doing this work will help train your brain to expect what you desire.

Start now and watch what happens!

2. I wish I felt more confident financially.

“Money makes the world go round.” ~ Cabaret

I’m not gonna sugarcoat this one: please find a way to create a healthy and abundant relationship with money now while you’re still young. This creates flow and opportunities in your life.

Your relationship with money is mental. You can have every degree in the universe, but if you feel poor or fear being rich, that’s what you’ll experience.

It doesn’t matter how much money you currently have—what matters is how you feel about yourself concerning prosperity and riches.

Tune yourself to the frequency of wealth every day by doing, thinking, and saying things that make you feel wealthy.

You don’t attract what you want, you attract what you are.

Create a healthy money relationship now and practice it daily.

3. I wish I’d spoken more kindly to myself.

The pressures of life often make us turn in on ourselves.

If you don’t practice kind self-talk, it’s time to start right now.

Did you know thoughts create chemicals? It’s true! Every thought you think creates a biochemical reaction in the brain and those chemicals are sent to your cells where they are expressed as an emotion, like happiness, sadness, and anger.

If you’re mentally beating yourself up, you’re sending toxic chemicals to your cells. This in turn affects your physical health and creates stress in the body.

This is a time of change and transition, and it’s natural to feel scared. But please be your own best friend and think thoughts that bring you comfort and solutions.

Here are a few go-to affirmations to help you:

>> I easily find my way.
>> My path becomes clear with each step.
>> The universe supports my life and needs.
>> I can do anything!

Being thrust into the world is scary, so please allow yourself space to feel what you feel.

It may seem like everyone older than you has it all figured out, but that is a myth. Everyone is just making it up as they go along, so please do not feel like you’re missing something.

The big joke is this: you never really figure it out, but that’s no reason to stop trying!

To all the new graduates: Congratulations!


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