December 4, 2023

I Want to Be in the Moment.

I want to withdraw, retract, fold into myself, in my own little cocoon.

I want to spend time with myself, hang out with myself, with my own heart.

I want to lie in bed and read a book, drink tea or coffee alone while I sit on my floor and stretch or write or simply breathe.

I want to go out into nature, breathe in fresh air, and connect to the world around me.

I want to walk and run and meditate and do yoga and work out and rest and watch a good show or movie and I want to do nothing at all.

I want to be in the moment.

I want to be in stillness, feel my breath and my body and see the thoughts and continue to sit there, silently, with myself, observing it all.

I want to look around and within and observe and feel and experience and understand.

I want to soften, release, and surrender.

I want to be with my experiences, allow them to unfold around and through me, allow insight to arise within me.

I want awareness to blossom within me.

I want to soften, breathe, and connect—to myself, to my heart, to the moment.

I want to be in the moment.


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Read 14 comments and reply

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