December 1, 2023

Waylon with founder Cameron Weiss on the craft of watchmaking & Made in USA watches.


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Many years ago, Waylon came across a uniquely simple, yun-ful watch display in an outdoor mall in LA. One was black, one white, both with wooden cases. He fell in love not only with the simple elegance, but the values—these are just about the only watches entirely Made in the USA, these days. Waylon bought a Weiss watch a year later, an early “adult” purchase.

Recently, Waylon and Cameron Weiss, founder of Weiss Watch Company, speak about the sustainability of mechanical watches, how they can keep us in the present moment, and considerate about how we use our time; how a watch is often an heirloom item, and what that means.⁠ ⁠

“A watch, like any thing, can be ethically-crafted & sourced, an heirloom to pass on to a loved one. Few are. Weiss is.” ~ Waylon Lewis⁠

We discuss ethical, eco, made-in-the-USA craft, which in many ways is a dying thing:

A clip of our conversation: 

“The companies I worked for before starting my own business [were] Swiss watch companies. They make beautiful watches, all mechanical. Some of them can be extremely complex as well, but the starting cost for something like that is over $20,000. And for me, that really limits who can gain access to that and enjoy it. Right? So I had this thought of why spend $500 on a throwaway, electronic watch when you could spend a little bit more and move up into something that you could actually keep for your entire life and pass down to the next generation?” ~ Cameron Weiss

Or listen to the clip on our podcast: 

“Mechanical watches will last much longer because you are the one powering it. But also, all the parts are metal. There’s nothing plastic or electronic that can go obsolete. Right? They’re antique already. So there’s no fear that they will go obsolete.” ~ Cameron Weiss

Want the rest of this convo? Find it here.


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