January 25, 2024

5 Practical Steps to Start Transforming Your Life.


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Unless you have been completely ignoring the internet (which I would love to learn how you are),  you have probably seen the term manifestation.

It seems like everyone and their mother is “manifesting” something new in their life or claiming to be an expert at it.

The idea of being an expert on manifestation is a little contradictory because we are all capable of manifesting. Some people are just more tuned into the process and able to make things happen quicker. But trust me when I say that you can manifest just as easily as the influencer you are following on Instagram.

I first came across the term in 2015 when it was not nearly as mainstream as it is now. I admit that I was so excited when I discovered the term because who wouldn’t want to make things appear out of thin air?! This random person on the internet is claiming they manifested $10,000 into their bank account by just thinking about it. I mean how amazing would that be?!

I too drank the Kool-Aid and believed that if I just thought positively or repeated a mantra 100 times then anything I desired would be mine. If it was working for this influencer, why couldn’t it work for me?

Well, I quickly realized that money or designer handbags weren’t just going to show up at my door because I journaled about it. Unfortunately, the people who are claiming it’s that easy and that you will become a millionaire overnight are probably just trying to sell you a course.

So while my desires weren’t just appearing randomly at my front door, I still believed there was something to this whole idea of manifesting. Around the same time I heard the term, I was also learning a lot about changing my inner world and mindset and working on my confidence.

I was starting to see a change in how I felt once I focused on cultivating inner strength. I noticed that if I felt happy and confident on the inside, my outer world started to change. I was manifesting a better reality without even realizing it. I knew there was so much more to discover and I too could make this work for me.

I decided to take the focus off “manifesting” and just focus on my confidence and inner thoughts. I started to journal and find uplifting mantras, not because I was trying to get a new designer handbag, but because I wanted to feel better about myself. I wanted to feel confident and create my dream life, which I knew would start from my soul, not from anything externally.

I honestly didn’t believe in manifesting until I realized I did make it happen in my own life. After years of searching for love and going on dozens of first dates, I met the love of my life one Sunday afternoon. Looking back on the journey to get to that point made me realize I did manifest my soul mate after months of cultivating self-love from my soul. He showed up in my life at the perfect time and was everything I knew I wanted and so much more. To this day, it is the greatest gift of my life.

Since then, I have manifested plenty of things, big and small. My husband and I actively manifest together and experience the magic every single time. We have made cross-country moves happen, the perfect living situation appearing last minute, travel upgrades, once-in-a-lifetime experiences, and so much more.

So yes, manifesting 100 percent works. But manifesting is not about acquiring material possessions—it’s about being an active creator in living a life you love. It’s about cultivating your inner world so you know at your soul level that things work out for you. It’s about having unwavering trust that life will continue to surprise and delight you, even when things get challenging. That’s the kind of manifesting I am focusing on because material possessions only give you so much happiness.

Today I want to share five practical ways you can start manifesting in your own life. If you start to tune in and become aware of your inner world and actively change it, life will look different in a matter of months. Anyone and everyone can manifest (you’re doing it even when you don’t realize it); it’s just a matter of who is aware of it or not.

Are you ready to start manifesting? Try these tools below.

1. Learn your human design.

Human design is like astrology but different. There are five main types that each person falls into. And within the types, different nuances dictate personality, energy levels, best-suited careers, and so much more.

I am a projector, which means that I do not have the same energy levels as the majority of the population. When I conserve my energy and save it for what brings me joy (like writing) that is where I find success. Once I learned this about myself, my manifesting changed completely.

I learned that I need to be selective of what I spend my energy on and how I can best help other people through my type. It was eye-opening and still a tool I use today when I am creating something new in life.

If you’re curious about your type you can find free charts online. You will need the location and exact time of your birth for the most accurate results. Once you have your type, you can find tons of free information out there on how to align with your design and create your desires (and become better at manifesting). What is your human design type?

2. Let your emotions be the guide.

Emotions are not something to fear; emotions are your greatest teacher. As humans, we spend way too much time running away from emotions because we think they will be too intense or heavy to face.

But the truth is, emotions are a beautiful gift that should be welcomed and honored. Emotions are so important for manifesting because they will be your compass and guiding light. Manifesting is all about connecting to your intuition and following your joy, and your emotions are the messenger.

Tough emotions are there to teach you valuable lessons and show just how strong you are. Positive emotions are there to show you how beautiful life is and what your soul desires more of. Start slow and tell yourself that emotions are welcome and you are ready to feel them. Check out some of my previous articles that detail how to handle big emotions without derailing your life.

3. Watch what you say.

Your words are incredibly powerful. Have you ever said something out loud (or even thought it) then have it happen to you? Well, that’s because you are always manifesting every minute of the day, so what you say will eventually come true.

That’s why it is so important to start with your inner world and how you see yourself. This is where mantras and journaling come in, so you can start building your confidence and see the amazing being you already are.

Next time you find yourself saying “I will never feel confident about myself, I have too many flaws,” try “I am working on feeling more confident and know that perfection doesn’t exist.” See how much lighter the second sentence feels.

Start becoming aware of the thoughts you have about yourself and actively choose a new thought, one that supports you.

When I was on my journey to love, I had to switch from “I will never find my person, there’s no hope” to “I know my soul mate is out there, I just haven’t met them yet.” This seemingly small switch will change your life completely.

4. Flex your “trust” muscle

Trust is a huge part of the manifesting process that is mostly overlooked. It is one thing to do your rituals and have a solid daily routine, but having the trust that it will all work out is hard for most of us to do.

That’s because when we want something or desire a change, we don’t want to get disappointed in the end, so we just assume it won’t happen. But this is the point that most people block their desires from getting to them.

See, the human brain is wired for comfort and predictability; that’s how it keeps us safe. So fear will stop us from attempting anything new because the brain deems it as not safe. An easy way to get past that fear is by flexing your trust muscle!

Most people think that manifesting is about getting something specific or the exact thing they desire. But it’s really about trusting that life will work out for you and give you exactly what you need. Trust means that your desire may appear different than how you imagined, but it will be so much better than you thought.

Trust means that even when obstacles appear and roadblocks emerge, you know that it will all work out. Can you think back on your own life about a time you created something you previously thought was impossible? That shows you just how much life is looking out for you; trust that.

5. Get off social media

I hope by now that this goes without saying: social media is not real life! So that influencer who is claiming to make things appear out of thin air is not telling the whole story. Manifesting is a process that all humans do every minute of the day.

It’s those who are tuned in and aware of their inner and outer world who can make things happen quickly. That’s why it’s so important to get off social media and start experiencing the magic in your own life.

I spent years following everyone else and trying to buy every course and free e-book that came my way, anything to make manifesting possible for me. It wasn’t until I stopped watching from the sidelines and started to do the practices in my own life that everything changed for me.

There’s no perfect time and there’s no perfect book or course; it really comes down to being an active creator of your life. That will look different for everyone, but for me it is all about doing what makes me happy and fulfilled.

It means that I make time for my writing because it uplifts my soul. And when I spend time doing things I love and building my confidence, magic does in fact happen in my life, and I realize just how powerful I am.

The secret to manifesting is simple: follow your joy and watch the magic unfold for you.


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