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January 28, 2024

What To Expect On Our Collective Journey In 2024

Barely a month in and so much has already happened on the planet! Welcome to 2024, year number 8, the power year. The universal year number 8 represents, infinity, power, abundance, balance and the divine feminine. The number 8 is also ruled by Saturn which represents our karma, so expect the rest of this year to continue to be action packed. The number 8 also represents acceleration as we are rapidly completing this 9 year collective cycle and what a powerful cycle this has been! We are starting off the year still recovering from the intensity of the last quarter of 2023. In the fall of last year, many of us speculated that something huge was going to transpire during eclipse season in October and it certainly did. Eclipses represents highly transformational times and bring about fated events. They serve to illuminate what is hidden; what we are not seeing. 2023 was also year number 7; the spiritual year. If you believe that our planet is going through a massive shift in consciousness, it is highly likely that it was no coincidence that the war in the Middle East started during this time. Also of significance, the war in Ukraine started precisely when the United States experienced its Pluto return in February of 2022. Understanding that the United States has a huge influence globally, this Pluto transit essentially will be impacting the world. Pluto, the planet of transformation, also just moved into Aquarius and will be transforming the Aquarian aspects of the collective for the next 20 years, which includes doing what’s best for the collective. The timing of these events seems extremely significant in that part of this global transformation that we will be experiencing is examining lower vibrational constructs such as war and hopefully putting an end them. One way we can do that is to understand and resolve our cognitive dissonance in that we have normalized so many things that are just not normal. Most of us can agree that murder is wrong, but we still justify war on some level. If we are to evolve as a species, war should never be a solution. It is time that our planet evolved into a higher state of consciousness and one of the solutions is to begin implementing strategies of negotiation, compromise and peace.

It is also important for us to see that our systems create wars. In fact, the 1% have always profited from wars, while innocent people around the world suffer because of them. Most people want peace. It is important for us to see that the systems we belong to are not acting in what is best for the collective. It seems promising that, more than ever, people are paying attention to these global events and questioning them, which may be in part that we are illuminating and transmuting this collective shadow. As a collective, we have been wanting our systems, such as governments, to fix things, but unfortunately they are actually part of the problem. It is time for us to take some ownership and release our dependencies on these corrupt systems and the illusions we hold about them. It is time for the citizens of the world to act in partnership, instead of turning against each other. We need to rise above our egos and realize we are all in this together and not allowing this divide. It definitely feels as though we are at our collective breaking point. This has to end and hopefully by the end of the year, we will have better solutions.

We begin 2024 with the energy pretty much full steam ahead. By the end of January, both Pluto and Uranus will have stationed direct and we will not have any planets in retrograde until April 1st. Besides Pluto finally entering Aquarius again, the next major transit will be when our North Node and Chiron, which are both in Aries, begin coming closer and closer together until they fully conjunct on February 11th. Because our north node is our collective destiny and Chiron is our collective healing, this energy has the potential to bring some attention to the need for global peace. Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, represents the individual and the primal force. Therefore, this alignment has initiation power and hopefully represents a new beginning of healing our collective wound. The reason we have discord on the planet is because all of us have unresolved anger from childhood and this is sometimes displaced onto others. We have an opportunity to heal this wound, especially the wound of rejection and identity, which is symbolized by Aries, and bring about a deeper understanding that we are all connected.

We start off eclipse season on March 25th with a full moon lunar eclipse in Libra. Our eclipses were in the Aries/Libra axis last year and into this coming year. It will be quite interesting what will transpire as we move into April as we start off the month with Mercury going into retrograde but then we will experience an Aries full solar eclipse on the 8th. April also holds a few other very significant and rare alignments such as the Jupiter and Uranus conjunction in Taurus, which will make it definitely an action-packed month. I predict a huge global event, which will likely impact the economy.

Another significant month for 2024 will be September. Pluto reentered Aquarius on January 20th, but will make its final retrograde back into Capricorn on September 1st, and finally reenter Aquarius again in December where it will stay for the next 20 years. This year will be the last time that Pluto will be moving back into Capricorn, which signifies the final clean-up of the areas that Capricorn rules such as government, corporations, financial institutions, etc. This last backtrack into Capricorn will likely create some crumbling on the world stage. Additionally, we will be experiencing our second eclipse season in September, which will only amplify this energy. However, Pisces will now enter into the mix with a lunar eclipse on the18th, as we will be changing nodes from the Aries/Libra axis into the Pisces/Virgo axis at the beginning of 2025. Keep in mind, Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and signifies completion and it will be active in 2025, which is year number 9 also known as the completion of this cycle. It is highly likely that we will have another chaotic month in September that will likely last until the year end.

Although 2024 will likely be an action-packed and chaotic year, it is valuable to keep in mind that we are experiencing a massive shift in consciousness on the planet and part of this transformation is the crumbling of old systems and ideologies in order to create a new and better earth. Therefore, it is so important for us to stay grounded and focused on our goals of creating this new earth based on love and light and not succumb to fear, anger or separation. This does not mean that we stick our head in the sand, but be the observers of what is transpiring and not fuel the darkness by adding more anger and fear into the collective. We have the power to create a peaceful world. We also need to keep in mind that each of us is powerful in that we are the creators of our collective reality. If you are familiar with the Maharishi affect, research has shown that if only 1% of a given population meditates on peace, this has been shown to have a profound impact on the surrounding population. If even a small percentage of the planet is focusing on creating a world based on light, love and peace, we can definitely bring about some radical changes to this planet. With this year being the number 8, the karmic power year, next year being year 9, the year of completion and Pluto now fully Aquarius for the next two decades, this has the potential to be the end of theses corrupt systems and we might start building something new hopefully in year 2026, year  number 1. Sending all of you lots of love and light!

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