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February 12, 2024

A Buddhist take on Kelce’s Super Bowl Tantrum.


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What to do when Tantrum happens to you.

On the one hand it wasn’t okay, and we have to make sure we’re safe—when experiencing such, and if on the receiving end of such as Andy was, here. On the other hand, emotions and pressure happen, and we have to stop othering emotions as “bad.”

Your Mindful Monday Video.

In this week’s Mindful Monday video & podcast, Waylon talks about Buddhism’s advice for those temper tantrums that can catch us unawares. 

“To work with temper tantrums, Buddhism says a few things. One is to kind of make yourself like a piece of wood, like driftwood almost. So if you’re going through that kind of thing, it can be very powerful for yourself, just physically, mentally, to kind of ground yourself.

Just like take a time out. What I love to do personally, is less just sitting on it and more go for a little walk for two minutes. I call it a two and a half minute break. Before you know it, you start breathing again. Your body starts regulating again. Your mind starts having a little oxygen in it.

And you return to some sense of empathy for whatever is happening with the other person or situation.” ~ Waylon Lewis

“People are human beings and we don’t have to say they’re evil. This is something we all go through. We can make ourselves like a piece of driftwood on a beach. We can go for a little walk. This is not profound in the sense of being complicated, but it is profound in the sense of being simple and something we can all work with and in fact have to work with.” ~ Waylon Lewis 


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