February 15, 2024

Virgo Full Moon: Healing as Alchemy. {February 24}

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“Thus the soul is not in the body, but the body in the soul, and the soul is the entire network of relationships and processes which make up your environment, and apart from which you are nothing.” ~ Alan Watts


The awakening has begun.

Or, more than it just beginning—because maybe it began long ago—we are just now catching up to the awareness of it.

Either way, the awakening process has quickened. Accelerated. Intensified. Speed has amplified and we are along for the wild ride that consciousness is taking us all through. Man, woman, non-binary, black, white, rainbow-colored, consciousness has no prejudice. It is here in all forms. Streaming through you, through this rock called planet earth. Through this flower budding. Through these words transmitting sound and vibration across the ethers.

Are we ready for more? More soul? More expansion? Because ready or not, it’s happening. And we have Pluto to thank for that acceleration and deepening. Pluto newly entered the cosmic conversation on January 20. And it will be here for the next 20 years, minus a brief back tour into Capricorn from September through November.

Pluto in Aquarius energy has been coming through even more strongly now since that Aquarius new moon on February 9. Aquarius energy has been blasting us with new energy from all directions. Mars and Mercury have also been moving through Aquarius, and Venus will be joining them soon. Of course, we’ve had the sun there too for its annual transit.

Aquarius energy is blasting us with upgrades. Asking us to clear out the clutter and the crap. Are we still giving our energy and power to fear and trauma wounding? And, no, we need not ever spiritually bypass our way out of necessary emotional feeling and processing as we learn how to alchemize the pain into healing and wisdom. Be where you are fully. And also notice how new timelines of higher truth and energetic vibrational alignment are much more accessible and available to us.

We can sense it and even by sensing it, we tune into it. Like a radio station dialing in, our bodies and beings know what alignment and truth feel like. When we feel fear and lower emotions spiraling internally, it doesn’t mean we turn a blind eye, but our inner eye points us to what is actually true, rather than the crap we’ve digested from this world of conditioning and judgment projections from others.

If it speaks in harsh tones of condemnation, abuse, belittling energy, self-rejection, and self-punishment, we must ask: Is this my truth? Is it? And then reorient to something that is actually truth.

Love is truth, Aquarius says. Love for the collective must be bolder and out loud now. And, that means love for the self must be as radical and rebellious as ever. Aquarius energy is not allowing us to stay stuck in self-hatred, self-rejection, or self-contraction.

Have you placed your worth and value into the hands of another? Into a man/woman/human to love you? Into the perfect and thin, culturally praised body to boot? In the size of your bank account? In the number of likes on your Instagram post? If so, Pluto in Aquarius says, “Burn it to the f*cking ground.”

Pluto in Aquarius is the big soul transformation. The change we are f*cking terrified of and yet know is already underway. The power within that we can’t deny anymore. The truth we can’t outrun. The fears we know we need to face head-on. Pluto wants the soul free. Uninhibited by lies and illusion of what we actually came here to be and do.

Pluto says, “I love you so much that if you need to go through pain and suffering of your own attachment to be free and liberated, then I’ll be here waiting for you to emerge as the phoenix, as the dragon rising into their power.”

We are fire-breathing dragon energy this year. Wood dragon, to be exact. The Chinese lunar new year began on February 10. The wood dragon energy is primal. It is powerful. It is grounded in the body and of the earth. Kundalini rising into form. Soul in body. Body in soul.

Dragon energy is an archetype. It is a dimensional field. It is an energy we all on some level can sense more and more. Dragon energy is the soul awakening. This year asks us to awaken to the dragon within. The true source of our power. Of creation. Of life. We can all work with this energy consciously and intentionally throughout this year.

In meditation, in contemplation, in dreamwork, in direct channeling to this energy. But, we must be in vibrational alignment to it. If we aren’t vibrating at the level of this higher consciousness, we may not be able to fully feel and embody it. Dragon energy is the invitation to rise. Keep rising. But from the depths and core of you. From the descent into and out of the earth. An awakening of the heart. The portal back to God.

February is a huge month chock-full of energies. We are being recoded deeply internally and externally. In relationship to our inner masculine and inner feminine energies. In our partnerships externally. A total overhaul of masculine and feminine energies. This is because Mars in Aquarius was conjunct Pluto in Aquarius on February 13, followed by the Venus in Aquarius conjunct Pluto on the 17th. And the cherry on the top energy is the Mars and Venus conjunction on February 21.

Relationship codes are being rewritten. Let yourself write a whole new narrative about you in relationship to yourself, to your partner, to your divine union counterpart, to your soul. The cosmos are here to support it and amplify it. Aquarius wants the new way. The old way is dead and gone. So why hold on? Aquarius wants bigger, bolder love for humanity.

We all have feminine and masculine energies within us. Many of us have learned how to overpower our feminine energies, push, control, force, and subdue. The inner masculine has been in toxic relationship to the feminine. So the feminine has felt suppressed, shut out, abandoned, and rejected.

And put into shadow, the dark feminine came through. Manipulation, rage, emotional crisis, burn-it-all-down-energy. Not to say we don’t need sacred feminine rage, because sometimes we do. But we need all in healthy balance, and if masculine energy within has still been allowed to run rampant, the feminine will do whatever it can do grab our attention.

We can think of these energies internally or of course in our external relationships. But this conjunction of Mars and Venus following their own individual conjunctions, encourages us to recode the energies of masculine and feminine. How are we relating to our inner will, drive, and motivation? Are we being pushed by our drive into burnout? How are we relating to the dance of our emotions and intuition? To our self-worth? To our sense of self-value? Do we value ourselves? Do we give ourselves our own approval or disapproval? And how do we protect and lean into our sensitivities and tender hearts? Do we stomp all over our feelings in disapproval or gently tend to them like children in need of care?

What if we gave ourselves full self-approval? How radically would our world change? If we stopped waiting for the world to approve of us. For a man or woman or human to approve of us. For a human on the internet to validate our creations and beauty or right to take up space and f*cking exist.

We are all so tied and interconnected to each other. Mirrors of the same source of consciousness. Different expressions. Different creations. Aren’t we tired of following the cookie-cutter-shaped outlines of a happy, fulfilled life? Of what it means to have value and beauty? Of what it means to be worthy of love? Aquarius says f*ck that.

We want our freedom. And freedom means freeing ourselves from any limiting beliefs that keep us stuck in contraction, out of our purpose, disconnected from our light, and lost. How are we even helping the world ascend and awaken to love if we are hiding and withholding love from our own selves and hearts? News flash. We aren’t.

We all may be feeling a little prickly and tender this month as Chiron, the wounded healer, in Aries, approaches its conjunction to the north node in Aries. This transit is literally saying to us, “Our purpose is in the pudding of our own wounding.” It is through the wound, that we find our purpose. That we find our light. Because through the wounding, we awaken to all that isn’t light. Through the pain, deep suffering, loss of self, and wounding, we come face-to-face with who and what we are.

It is through the wound that we will remember how to heal and bring that healing out into the world as our offering and service to others. The pain is the portal to God, if we so choose to remember. The cut can feel so deep, beyond repair, and we fear we are broken beyond repair.

The north node in Aries reminds us to channel the inner victim into the inner warrior. Let the inner warrior tend to the inner victim like a fellow soldier in need of extra men by its side, supporting it, bolstering it with its own strength. Our wounds may be bubbling up this month. Pay attention. Drop in. Take care of your precious, sacred self.

The sun will be entering the sensitive and deep water sign of Pisces on February 18. A season of deep emotional healing. Of intuition coming back online. Of dreams streaming in. Of soul vibration. Amidst this watery energy, we will be having a full moon in Virgo landing on February 24 at 7:30 a.m. EST at 5 degrees of the earth sign.

This lunation is right on time as we move through this bigger, overarching cycle of Pluto. Virgo and Pisces are counterparts, flip sides of the same coin. Soul and body. Body and soul. We are both. Virgo energy says to bring divinity and healing into the body. Bring and stream in the higher light soul codes so the body can heal.

The body is our most sacred companion. It is the most divine of partnerships. Do we see it as such? Do we remember? Or do we treat our bodies with criticism and judgement? Do we berate them for their perceived flaws of aesthetics or function? Do we meet them each day with kindness or punishment?

Virgo asks us to feed our bodies with high vibrational foods. With foods that give energy to us instead of deplete. With earth elements that support us to be our best, most vital selves. Pisces says, “And do so with great love and devotion.”

We can be feeding ourselves the most pure, organic foods, living a “clean” life, cleansing toxins and poisons, and if we are still ingesting the poison of self-hatred and self-judgment, this medicine could actually be the poison. We can cleanse and purify all day long on a physical level, but if we don’t address the negative emotions and toxic thoughts, we won’t ever truly heal. Virgo asks us to clear the vessel with supportive, nourishing foods, minerals, and vitamins. Become a clear channel back to God and source. Pisces says clear the vessel with love. We need both.

This Virgo full moon is a time to reconnect with the body. With our sacred vessel. Can we remember what it feels like to be embodied? Maybe we’ve been running far away from our body’s messages and truths, but the truth is we can’t ever outrun them. Until we leave this life.

Our bodies are constantly speaking to us their needs and messages. Are we listening or are we suppressing? The vitality of our bodies wants to run its channel through us uninhibited. So we must clear out the blockages to that life force.

Virgo is the healer. Co-ruled by Mercury and Chiron. Virgo asks us to get in touch with the mental faculties ruling us. To get in touch with the wounds we are healing. Virgo is our habits, our health, our work, our daily routine. A time to reflect on all things related. To know that it is through the healing that we find alchemy. Alchemy of our emotions means greater healing of the body.

Virgo can be perfectionistic leaning, perhaps because it knows in true divine form, we are perfectly healthy, vital, and whole, and only seeks to bring that truth into this reality. But be gentle with yourself as you learn to embrace the imperfections of this human experience and these human bodies too, so willing to serve us day in and day out.

Can you see how this one body has been with you since you took your first breath? Though cells have turned over, this body has been your most sacred companion. How deep of a love does your body have to have committed itself to you for life, in sickness and in health, for better or worse, until death do you part? If that isn’t love, I don’t know what is.

We may have felt like something is wrong with our bodies based on the trauma we experienced and it may be a journey back to remembering our sacred goodness and our bodies as part of that. No matter what we are feeling in relation to our bodies on any given day or any given moment, can we remember that they are worthy of respect, care, nourishment, and love?

This full moon will be opposite to Mercury and Saturn. We may be feeling a push and pull between our emotional worlds and our minds. We may feel urged to communicate an emotional truth. One that maybe has contradicted our lived reality to date.

Mercury in Pisces is sensitive and deep. Tread lightly on your own heart and the hearts of others. Let compassion be the guide and the compass back home. Saturn in Pisces here is showing us the way and work forward. We need to heal and alchemize our emotions in order to move deeper into dream and co-creational states with the universe and our higher selves.

Saturn pushes us and restricts us. Do the work and be rewarded, Saturn says. Do the emotional healing, and let your dreams come alive. We are stepping deeper into our roles as co-creators on the planet. But we need to keep digging deep into the emotions to clear out the clutter and align back to soul truth and mission.

The sun in Pisces will be conjunct Mercury and Saturn here. Our conscious egos are going through a reprogramming. Can we bring more heart and soul to our communications? Can we bring more sensitivity? We are building whole new foundations of self and creating a whole new version of self, one full of soul and truth. Remember it takes time to build the new. Meet your process with so much grace while you’re becoming something you’ve never been before in this human form, only perhaps felt in your soul form.

Venus and Mars will still be dancing their salsa together in the skies for this full moon. A new relational portal emerging. New energies. New love. New ways of relating. Be gentle with yourself as you release the old. Let your heart be your guide and your call back to love. Keep aligning to the highest soul truth in each moment. Let that energy take you where you need to be.

This full moon is a time to heal. A time to feel. A time to alchemize. A time to be embodied. To give so much care and love to your vessel, your body, your soul companion. The body keeps the score, yes, and so too does it keep the magic, the mystical, the multidimensional codes of this lived, breathed existence.

You are life and life is you. Let this full moon remind you how to be here. How to feel so grateful for being here, even if pain and suffering visits. We came here for a reason. For purpose. We are remembering now. Let your soul call to you in this next cycle of decay and becoming.

Let it call to you in its song of enoughness, as you are, right here, in this body, this precious body giving you life. Let it all be enough. Let being you be enough. Let being in this body be enough. Let being here be enough. Healing. As. Alchemy. Healing. As. We. Remember. Our. Sacred. Purpose. In. Being. Here. Fully, Embodied.

Let yourself rewrite a whole new experience of embodiment. And watch the world change as you do. Awaken. Awaken. Awaken to all that is here for your highest, most aligned timeline. Soul. Truth. In. Body. Body and Soul. As One. You. Becoming. The One. In Perfect Love. And Divine Union.


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