February 26, 2024

“Who are we?”—Thoughts on Love, Acceptance & Belonging.


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Who are we?

Who are we at our core—the invisible essence hidden by our daily life?

Hidden by the masks we are required to wear to perform in order to keep our jobs, our social life, our families?

When asked, “How are you?” we obviously reply, “All good, thanks.”

When clearly not all is good.

We hide when we’re crying. We laugh in groups but we cry alone.

We keep the intensity to ourselves.

We hide the frustration, the stress, the doubt, the misalignment between what we feel and what we know—and don’t know.

At our deepest, we know nothing.

But we long to know, we long to understand, we long to connect. To ourselves and to others. We long to connect to something higher, clearer, with a deeper meaning. We long for something sacred.

Maybe we crave to find the sacred in each one of us.

It’s no coincidence that we look for an escape, whether it’s alcohol, sex, drugs, psychedelics. We want out—anything that helps us disconnect from this body, this surface, and connect above, looking for pure light and searching for some clarity and guidance.

We turn to anything that speaks to our energy only. Anything that makes us feel, even if we don’t know what we’re feeling. Anything that helps us feel seen and in someway translates our soul.

We wish to decode how to reconcile the material plane with the spiritual one.

We’re in a time in which the seekers of their own light are growing. And while we’re struggling to find our purpose, we live. We learn.

And when we do find our purpose, how do we put it into practice? How do we live by it, while staying grounded?

In this earthly journey, we’re forced to learn the gift of patience. And faith. We live this life looking for love, acceptance, and belonging. We search for someone to share our life with when we know so well that we are the first person we must share ourselves with.

Self-love above all. But we also learn that the desire to share our life with someone else doesn’t make us love ourselves any less.
If it does, we still have work ahead, that’s true.

Assuming we’ve learned enough to love ourselves first, assuming we already know better than to let our life be ruled by a narcissist geek (but that’s another story…), we still want to share ourselves but we tell ourselves we don’t have the time for it.

We do have the time. We just don’t make the time.

We’re scared, stuck in layers of unknown trauma that keep us in our comfort zone. So we stay quiet when we have the feels for our latest crush. We get a bit disoriented wishing it would be a two-way thing. We respond, we do not initiate, believing “what is meant to be, will be.”

As we get older—and we mature—we embrace the fact we have feelings that aren’t reciprocated. And it’s okay. We learn to just appreciate that someone is still capable of sparking something exciting in us and making us giggle like a teenager.

We have a laugh with our best friend, the only one with whom we get a good cry—and how lucky are we to get one of those?— about this crush while waiting for it to dissipate. But deep deep down, we still dream of them and that’s okay too.

We continue striving to live instead of surviving. We continue the quest for self-knowledge, to understand who we are in an attempt to make better decisions. Decisions that, hopefully, leads us to our better and higher self.


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Read 2 comments and reply

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