Is destroying things Manly? Is caring for our earth a sign of weakness?

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on Aug 22, 2009
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hummers are gay

Hummers are “Gay.”

hummer envy

There’s nothing inherently manly about driving a Hummer, which consumes Middle Eastern oil and sends jobs out of the US…nor is it particularly tough to eat a restaurant-served or store-bought dead steak.

You want macho? Protect the earth!

An ironic contemplation of gender-biased, fundamentally-contradictory appelations.

Steaks aren’t manly. Vegans are hardcore. Tree-huggin’ hippies are tough—they’re fighting The Man. Gay is confident. Macho is insecure. Raw and open and vulnerable is brave—bigoted and prejudiced and closed is too easy.

It’s time for some new paradigms. It takes strength to nurture. It takes toughness to create. Destroying stuff is easy. If you’re insecure, the best thing you can do (and the most ineffective) is to overcompensate. Big car, small…

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22 Responses to “Is destroying things Manly? Is caring for our earth a sign of weakness?”

  1. JayGaddis says:

    Once again I think there is mucho potential in this curious post. However, "Hummers are Gay." uses Gay folks as a way to belittle hummers as if "gay" is bad or weak or lame.

    I think you can do better bro.

    I realize the term "gay" is a pop culture term, but it perpetuates discrimination toward gay people, period. Even if gay people tell you otherwise. Talk to feminists and folks true to social justice thinking such as Robert Jensen.

  2. Tee says:

    How about, "Educated hippie shows Hummer advocate who's the better grammarian."

    An educated hippie 😉

  3. Andy says:

    I agree that the mainstream American concept of what is masculine is F'ing stupid. I know that the mass media is just successfully appealing to our inner ape, but I feel like the typical American male is missing out on a lot of stuff because he is too terrified of appearing "gay." Yoga being the perfect example. Hey I like eating wings and watching the NFL in HD too but there is more to life.

  4. leslie says:

    Great discussion here, Waylon. I know you are not prejudiced – I read you often, and I got the joke. It's just that too many others would not.
    I agree with all of it – the new paradigm, the entire article.
    I teach my children not to say that something is "gay" when they really mean something else. It only perpetuates the stereotype that that is something wrong with "gay." It is akin to repeating an ethnic joke. Funny or not, repeating the joke perpetuates a negative stereotype. I don't think that anyone expects PC from you, but your mindfulness is appreciated.

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  6. Sho them hoos thu bos! This reminds me of those "soshalism" and "youthinasia" signs from the teabaggers.

  7. Nick says:

    Seriously? Whose perpetuating myths about stereotypes with the Hummer-, non-vegan, "man"-bashing? Okay, starting with the corporate speak. Hummer vehicles are no less fuel efficient than Land Rovers, Toyota trucks and SUVs, Jeep Wranglers, Nissan (insert truck or suv name here), Ford F150, Dodge Rams, etc. However, Hummer sales account for less than .03 percent of global vehicle sales, compared to say, the F150, which is still today the number 1 selling vehicle in the US. So, it seems as the hatred/stereotype is a little misplaced.

    Part 2 to follow due to the sites comment length limit…

  8. Nick says:

    Now for reality-speak. I have a degree in biology w/ecology emphasis, hunt, fish, cook everynight for my wife and spend every waking hour with my three kids. My children can identify more wildlife species than most kids in their classes and understand the necessary balance between humans and the environment, and it is because I spend more time with them outside. And, I not only drive a Hummer, I drive them to get through terrain that most other vehicles could not. (BTW, the Ford trucks I drove when working with the Forest Service, Park Service and F&W Service when conducting field research provide worse fuel economy.)

    Part 3 to follow. Apparently only the admin can post more than 150 words at a time…

  9. Nick says:

    I realize that this is completely the wrong place for a Hummer discussion, and I will be publicly flogged for my comments, but I completely disagree with the stereotype. Most owners I've met and have spent time with out in the environment spend every possible opportunity to better the world around them, whether it is through OHV trail maintenance; by donating time and money to their community; or by simply taking their children out with them every weekend.

    Being a "man" has nothing to do with what you drive, or what you eat, but rather how you spend time with your family. Let the flogging begin in 5….4….3…2…1

    Nick Richards, HUMMER Communications Director

  10. But see, Nick, that's cool–you're using the Hummer, not as a fashion statement, but because you need it. Totally valid. Those who use it to drive around Boulder or wherever are just helping to fund those who fund terrorists…when they could be driving a more efficient, USA-made car…or riding a bike, etc.

  11. Great comments and context, Nick. Thanks for the info. Glad to hear Hummer drivers care about the earth.

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