Coolest Eco-Tote Bag Ever.

Via on Sep 18, 2009

Rezon Eco-Tote

Who doesn’t want a tote that doubles as a Mexican wrestler mask? It is the perfect blend of produce shopping and Halloween functionality. Lucho Libre!

This canvas tote bag from Japan is pretty standard issue. But wait, why is the glittery print of a Mexican wrestler mask with the recycling sign on its forehead upside-down?

“Who’s ECO WARRIOR?” Anyone can be a HERO! ECO WARRIOR BAG is a eco-bag that represents you are an Environment activist. If you see “Anti-manner” people like throwing away a cigarette butt on street, not separating garbage by type, transform ECO WARRIOR! Then, give them a warning very kindly instead of a drop kick.

Rezon Eco-Tote

But is it really green? Rezon, the design firm responsible for this creation, is vague in the description and presentation. Maybe it is “eco” because you can reuse it? If it’s not make of eco-material, forgettaboudit.

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