Boulder City Council Candidates: Kevin Hotaling.

Via on Sep 16, 2009

Kevin Hotaling

All Boulder City Council candidates are warmly invited to contribute an article to So far, three have submitted articles. This is the first we’ve posted. ~ed.

Waylon Lewis is Not Running for City Council, Now What?

~ by City Council Candidate Kevin Hotaling.

In the wake of Waylon’s announcement that he won’t be running for council, rather than be happy to see a smaller field, I’ve been stuck with a regret that Boulder has lost not only a great candidate for council, but also a strong contender to build a future for the 74% of Boulderites under the age of 45.

I now feel a stronger burden to make my campaign as robust as possible. While the experience and wisdom that come with age are certainly assets to city leadership, there is also something to be said for the creativity and perspective that come with youth.

My campaign focuses upon balance—balance between the needs of young and old, and between idealistic goals and economic realities. The tensions that have arisen due to the differing goals of students, young professionals and families can be alleviated only through an understanding of one another. Furthering our sustainability goals may seem easy during times of plenty, but becomes much more difficult when simultaneously dealing with a budget shortfall.

Bring Balance Back to Boulder

Too often, our grand aspirations are held back by the belief that taxation and legislation are the way to effect positive change. Many of the greatest advancements of our time have come from talented, mindful leaders working for both private and public causes.

elephant is just one of dozens of local for-profit solutions to the needs of the 21st century. This diversity of sustainable businesses comes as no surprise, considering that Boulder has a strong legacy of innovation, strong businesses and green leadership. When other cities were building tract homes, we were establishing the blue line and buying our green belt. When they were transitioning to a more corporate landscape, we were protecting our local businesses and building our preeminence in the emerging LOHAS market. When they were focused upon consumption, we were focused on quality of life.

Now it it time to show leadership by empowering our small businesses by simplifying legislation, freezing taxes and displaying the true capacity of Boulder’s mindful populous.

Kevin Hotaling
Candidate for Boulder City Council

Learn more about my platform here:

And don’t forget to check out my first campaign video on youtube!

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5 Responses to “Boulder City Council Candidates: Kevin Hotaling.”

  1. Daniel R. Morrison says:

    I think Kevin Hotaling has a unique and functional platform. It seems as though he would represent a large portion of the population in Boulder. This is truly what the town of Boulder needs. I look forward to his election and the changes that he will bring.

    • Thank you sir … I'd just like to point out that Daniel is one of the many inspiring people I know who is working hard to create private sector solutions to our environmental goals. Check out to see what he and his colleagues are up to.

      I tip my hat to all the others out there who are working to effect REAL change, both in Boulder and beyond (no amount of legislation will change what happens outside our borders, but a few start-ups can revolutionize the world).

  2. Akiva says:

    You seem like a sharp individual but have very little information about your website offering comprehensive or substantive information about where you stand on the issues. This is a real failing since it prevents me, for one, from understanding your position on concrete issues in our community.

    I want to know, for example, your views on how to make Boulder a welcoming place for people of *all* socioeconomic backgrounds – specifically. I believe your intentions are probably good. But that isn't really enough to win my vote.

    You write on your website that "when our government votes to tax one for the benefit of another, we prove our lack of human dignity." So, what do you propose to do about the rising housing costs and the financial difficulties that impact working-class Boulder residents? How will you represent the non-white, non-homeowner constituency?

    This isn't meant to be combative, but these issues are important to me, and I'd like to know your thoughts before I decide whether to vote for you.


  3. Akiva says:

    You seem like a sharp individual but have very little information about your website offering comprehensive or substantive information about where you stand on the issues. This is a real failing since it prevents me, for one, from understanding your position on concrete issues in our community.

  4. […] Hotaling. Kevin’s article and fun videos are on, here. A friend of mine, I give Kevin huge props for running, though it’s tough to win when you […]

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