Betty White says: Embrace Your Dusty Muffin. {SNL}

Via on May 9, 2010


Oh Betty White, I love you so

Last night the very fabulous Betty White hosted Saturday Night Live. And the result was pure comedic genius.

Below is a link to “Delicious Dish,” a faux NPR program, hosted by Anna Gasteyer and Molly Shannon, with guest Betty White. White plays Mrs. Dusty, a baker known for fabulous muffin (which is far more than the baked good). In a slew of innuendo and fun, the women proceed to talk about different experiences with Dusty’s muffin.

Besides being one of the funnier skits I have seen on SNL in the past few years, I thought this was especially great because of Betty’s (Dusty’s) lines about her own muffin.

“I’m 88 and a half years old and I’m proud to unveil my giant Dusty Muffin”

Although the line is said in fun, I thought Mrs. White had a great point. Women of any age should embrace and love their muffin- however dusty or “cherry-less” the muffin may be. Each muffin is unique and lovely in its own way, no matter the age.

Enjoy That Dusty Muffin

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5 Responses to “Betty White says: Embrace Your Dusty Muffin. {SNL}”

  1. Thanks for posting this, Kelsi! I saw this one last night too and loved it—go Betty White!

  2. Valerie says:

    LOL…love it! You go Betty! :):)

  3. Kelsi Coia KelsiC says:

    Here's a cool article about why Betty White rules:

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  5. angie says:

    oh well, that sounds like a good news for me then. i am really loving the way it is then.
    ways to lose your muffin top

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