A New York Yoga Dork Minute with YogaCrone.

Via on Jun 24, 2010
Washington Square Park

A few months ago, I went to New York to teach Yoga workshops, visit family and thought it might be fun to hunt for the YogaDork

I love YogaDork for many reasons, but one of them is ’cause she loves my Sirsa Graffitti, so we have a healthy Crone-Dork appreciation of each other! I decided to look for the Dork around NYC and what better way to hunt for another yogi than by Sirsa Tagging the city..?

Since my family lives uptown, I started out at Central Park West and scoped the Park… no YogaDorks to be found there…

There was a nice playground and had some tea with friends… we sat and watched the kids play. They were having fun, so I wanted to play in the sand too…

Crazy yogi in Central Park