Republicans vs. 9/11 First Responders. {Jon Stewart}

Via on Dec 20, 2010

Jon Stewart saves 9/11 First Responders Bill, filibustered by Republicans?

They’re dying. Even worse, their bills aren’t covered. They volunteered to run into the flames when the rest of us watched in fear in awe, or ran. And now, a decade later, Republicans show just how patriotic they are, by filibustering and saying they just can’t do it—they’ve got to get back to their families for Christmas.

Despite the fact that the bill’s been bouncing around for the last two years, Senator Jon Kyl of Arizona, the No. 2 Senate Republican, over the weekend called for more time to look at the bill

Read the rest of the article, brief and moving, on TIME.


Watch the videos:

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Worst Responders
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The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p / 10c
9/11 First Responders React to the Senate Filibuster
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The week before, there were a few others including:

The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p / 10c
Lame-as-F@#k Congress
Daily Show Full Episodes Political Humor & Satire Blog</a> The Daily Show on Facebook

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3 Responses to “Republicans vs. 9/11 First Responders. {Jon Stewart}”

  1. Leigha Butler leighabutler says:

    I watched this and was so moved and incensed. For these guys, 'round-the-clock & 'round-the-calendar hours are typical… but Repubs can get away with calling working through the holiday an insult to the institution. Infuriating.

  2. tamingauthor says:

    Nonsense. This is what we get when we turn to comedians for our news.

    The Republicans do not object to helping the 9/11 Responders. Anyone with a brain knows that is a bald-faced lie.

    What Republicans do object to is a suspension of normal rules of legislation, a continuing unethical ploy in which large bills (which are unread and have not passed through committee with ample discussion) are rushed to the floor in a last minute Christmas rush.

    Where was the outraged Stewart all year when the Dems could have done their work and brought the bill through committee? Where was he when they did not do their work? Where was he when they could have passed sound legislation that was read and vetted?

    Stewart is a Class One Jerk. And those who watch him deserve what they get….a load of ignorance. I still cannot figure out why otherwise smart people fall for this obvious nonsense. Stewart belongs in a carni sideshow not on the political circuit.

  3. tamingauthor says:

    More nonsense for you to check out, Waylon. Net neutrality. Good article in today's WSJ (by John Fund) about the folks who brought about this arrogant power grab — yes, you know it, George Soros and his Marxist minions. But this time I believe you should meditate on the eventual results — particularly since you depend on the Net for your publishing livelihood. This is bad stuff headed your way. When they close down the freedom of the press, you will not be able to hear the screams, and no one will write about the smell from the ovens… we have been here before.

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