Buddhists are now Muslims? face the strange changes…

Via on Jan 15, 2011

According to some dude in Minneapolis, due to changes in the Earth’s magnetic core, the Zodiac calendar is out of whack.

So perhaps it’s time for the Leo to soften his roar… oh, wait, according to the new standard, I’m still a Leo.  Roar!!

Professional astrologers are debunking this claim (at least its implications for astrology) so it’s actually much ado about nothing (though one has to chuckle at the thought of seeking “more credible astrologers”).

But, assuming this development is true, it appears to have implications for other realms – including Christian denominations and… probably other religions too.

…Following the recent announcement of changes to the Zodiac calendar, a denominational watchdog organization, Denomawatch, made a surprising announcement of its own today.“We have long suspected that there was a misalignment of denominational identities, but weren’t certain until earlier this week,”said Dr. Cambio, Associate Director of Denomawatch..  (the full story: http://davidljohns.wordpress.com/2011/01/13/lutherans-are-now-nazarenes-denominational-expert-says/ )

Most interesting to me was to see that Unitarians are really Southern Baptists.

On a related note, it seems Tea Partiers are now Liberals, liberals are Republicans, and conservatives are Democrats, Democrats, are now Whigs, and BullMoosers are Socialists.

Turn and face the strange ch-ch-changes!


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