Why are you here?

Via yeye
on Jan 29, 2011
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Listening to the mid morning birds
sing in the tree outside my window,
why not stop and vow to nature,
the Earth, and the Universe.

Why not take a deep breath,
stretch, take another deep full inhale,
fill the lungs with oxygen,
let it go all the way to my head,
where I can stop to feel its expansion,
until there is no better way to come out from it
than a beautiful relaxing exhale.

Why not play some good music,
like Mozart, or Deepak Chopra station at Pandora.com
and inspire yourself with beauty all around you,
so then you can give the same beauty to others.

Why not be in the garden of your soul…
and blossom.
Bloom in peace.

Why not dance in the middle
of your everything.

Why not fall in love
and then feel in love…so you can understand it
and love others without the red turmoil
of dividing noise in fake hearts of indulge
in the desire of the senses.
Why not fall free into the love wave
that waters the Universe.

Then come back to silence.
Why not surrender into the silence…and listen.
Listen to every single frequency
that surrounds your hearing space.
Learn to discriminate between what is and what else.
Be light and be good company…
invite spiritual growth.

The answer is Why are you here?

The question only you know it.

light love with metta.



About yeye

Yesica Pineda is a time traveler, viajera del tiempo. *Planetary Moods * Connect with her on Soundcloud at WaterWalkers or Yeyeorganicpop. Or, visit her website.


5 Responses to “Why are you here?”

  1. This is another beautiful prose-poem, Yesica, so poetic, in fact, that I recommend you reformat it in verse. I've sent you my suggested reformatting on Facebook. See if you like it.

    Bob W.
    Yoga Editor

  2. That's beautiful, Yeye! What a perfect way to start the day. ~Cheers, Lynn.

  3. yesica says:

    Thank you Lynn! Cheers! <3

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