Alan Watts and Ken Wilber: The Tao Of Waking Up.

Via on May 24, 2011

“You do not touch the earth, you are the earth.”

Since the ego exists mostly in the gross state, with a few remnants in the subtle, then once you identify with constant consciousness—or that which exists in all three states—you break the hold of the ego, since it barely exists in the subtle and does not exist at all in the causal emptiness (or in the deep sleep state, which is one type of emptiness). You cease identifying with ego, and you identify with pure formless consciousness as such, which is colorless, spaceless, timeless, formless—pure clear emptiness. You identify with nothing in particular, and therefore you can embrace absolutely everything that arises. Gone to the ego, you are one with the All.

You still have complete access to the walking-state ego, but you are no longer only that. Rather, the very deepest part of you is one with the entire Kosmos in all its radiant glory. You simply are everything that is arising moment to moment. You do not see the sky, you are the sky. You do not touch the earth, you are the earth. You do not hear the rain, you are the rain. You and the universe are what the mystics call “One Taste.”

This is not poetry. This is a direct realization, as direct as a glass of cold water in the face. One taste is not a hallucination, fantasy, or product of a disturbed psyche, but the realization and testament of countless yogis, saints, and sages the world over.

It is very simple, very obvious, very clear—concrete, palpable, unmistakable. ~from The Simple Feeling Of Being by Ken Wilber

Alan Watts brings all of the above to bear in an amazing discussion about waking up, which he calls “Coming Off It.”

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5 Responses to “Alan Watts and Ken Wilber: The Tao Of Waking Up.”

  1. eric says:

    Clear as can be! Thank you!

  2. SriDTMc says:

    love it.
    "anyone who seeks a psychotherapist ought to have his head examined"

    • Jack Weber backdoortodivinity says:

      Good therapy is a way to experience exactly what Wilber is communicating. Clearing the heart of backlogged emotional crud frees space for spirit to find us, wake up inside of us as an embodied spirituality. The world, the Earth, as Wilber describes it, wakes up inside of us when the groundwork of emotional transformation frees us. Spirituality and oneness are commonly mis-located in external experience; really they are the result of the world waking up inside us and this takes place, in my personal experience, in large part due to embracing our shadow sides so that the dark no longer holds back so much of our light. Cheers….

      • SriDTMc says:

        solid points. i agree that therapy can be an incredibly useful tool on the path. i was only quoting alan watts from the video above, in case you missed it.

  3. craig says:


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