The Banana’s Journey.

Via on Jun 20, 2011

Samadhi Pants Strip 109 – The Conclusion of the Banana’s Journey.

This concludes the two-part strip of the Commercial Banana. No other fruit has caused to much suffering, violence, and bloodshed throughout its history. Its relationship to man has practically assured its extinction in the near future.

To view the strip in slideshow format, go here.

If you wish to read more, I suggest Dan Koeppels’ book, ‘Banana, the fruit that changed the world‘. It was my primary research source.

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About Joseph Boquiren

Joseph Boquiren is a cat (figuratively speaking) who practices a little Zen, teaches a little yoga, writes comics, and makes his home with his lovely wife in Portland, Oregon. The goal of Samadhi Pants (if there is one) is to make yoga and mindful living safe, fun(ny) and accessible for both beginners and seasoned practitioners alike. Joseph Boquiren is available for portraits and private commissions. Contact him at Previous work is available for viewing on his website and Facebook page.


2 Responses to “The Banana’s Journey.”

  1. Sally says:

    Corn is another plant that cannot survive “in the wild” and treats us like its servants.
    Organic bananas also use ethylene and a lot of transport, but the farming is more sane. Ethylene ripens other fruits too, something to keep in mind when placing them in your home.

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