The Mystery of Life?

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First what’s first! – said the monk – Clear your mind.”

For how are you to know that the answers I will give you to these questions you are asking are true to you if your mind is confused?

Without your clarity, you will only be a victim of your own ignorance, and you might mistake my words with the noisy turmoil, which due to the conditions of your environment – your senses world – is constantly played in your head, making you miss your reality entirely.

First what’s first. Quite down. Take a breath. Stop doing. Silently listen. Take a walk in a green forest.  Smell a flower. Walk the Earth. Find some clear water. Sit. Be still. Observe. Breathe. Spend time with yourself.

Don’t react when your mind resists your attempt to be still. Many people, many stories, many many judgments of yourself will go through your mind as you’re making room for your happiness. Don’t react by quitting the moment, don’t escape what you don’t want to see, don’t crave what is bringing you pleasure, it is all a moment and it will pass. Quite down. Take a breath. Stop doing. Silently listen. Breathe. Relax. Release. Let go. Forgive. Take a break. Pray. Breath again.

The mystery of life is just that, a mystery. It is beautiful, it is infinite, it is you, it is I. It is a baby in the womb, growing still, without questions, it is us dying every day, it just is…it is life. It is a Universe.

Stop your effort to become, and just be. Stop your quest to find out, and just know. Stop your anxious race to be unique, you already are.

How to know if you are right or wrong, if you are good or bad? – You ask me. Is your thought, word or action harming others? – I ask you.

How to know if you’ll be judged and punished by divinity? – You ask me. Isn’t it us who judge ourselves ultimately? – I ask you.

How to know if the world is going to end? – You ask me. Isn’t the world always ending and beginning? – I ask you.

How to achieve real happiness, real peace, real harmony? – You ask me. What is keeping you from doing so? – I ask you.

Stop trying to achieve it. Be happy, live with peace, practice harmony. It’s your choice, you are free. Moment by moment, breath by breath.

Do not make the non essential essential, loosen up your chains to the world you live in, a world you create. Quite down. Be yourself. Love. Help others be happy.


First what’s first!said the monkClear your mind.”




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  1. Ben Ralston Ben_Ralston says:

    So beautiful Yeye. Passionately, lovingly, from the heart. Thank you!

  2. Tanya Lee Markul tanya lee markul says:

    This is absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing and reminding me of the beautiful connection. Enormous amounts of love to you.

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  3. Tanya Lee Markul tanya lee markul says:

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  4. Un ensayo bello, Yésica. Yo también soy contribuidor a EJ y estoy hablando con Bob sobre como podemos publicar una sección hispanohablante. Además creo que tendrás interés en lo que ha ocurrido con mi página española de Facebook. La publicé hace solo un mes y ya han reunido más de 7,000 almas bellas de todas partes del mundo hispanohablante. Un movimiento de la paz, el amor, y los pensamientos positivos ha formado, casi por casualidad! Espero que puedes reunir con nosotros con la intención de difundar el amor por el mundo.

    Si quieres poner un ¨link¨a tu musica en mi página de FB, para que puedan verla mi audiencia de 7,000 personas, por favor que lo hagas! Lo puse un link a la música flamenca de Bob y a ellos les gustó muchisimo!

    Bien escrito, guapa!

  5. Oh.. and I also liked in your bio how you said that yoga found you. I feel the same. If you're interested in reading my story of how yoga changed my life, it's here on EJ:


  6. Tanya Lee Markul tanya lee markul says:

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  8. Brent Binder drbinder says:

    Yesica, this was my favorite today. Thank You!

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