How to Save Money When There is Nothing Left Over.

Via on Nov 8, 2011

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Want to know my favorite way to help clients save money?

It starts with this question: How did I pay for my own wedding when I was 26 years old, making zilch?

I used to subtract out of my checkbook the things I thought about doing or buying; but didn’t.

Stay with me here…

If I wanted a pedicure but did it myself, I would subtract that amount plus tip out of my checkbook, circle it and at the end of the month add up all of the circles and deposit a check for that amount into savings. Same with dinner out when I decided to cook at home.

Movies at home vs. movies out? That amount was subtracted out.  Thought about buying a magazine but instead read it at the library?  Drool over a new dress but abstain? Yep~subtract that amount out.

Think this won’t add up? Look at your current bank statement closely and notice how often those 3$ coffee’s here and there, plus say a 12$ lunch; add up to a whole lot of money!

It became a game to see those circles add up in my checkbook and super satisfying to deposit that total at the end of the month.  The extra money is there, you just have to dig a little for it.


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4 Responses to “How to Save Money When There is Nothing Left Over.”

  1. I like this idea! One thing my husband & I did when we were first married is to make several copies of a picture of our "dream house." We put one on the bulletin board in our office & each kept one in our wallets…sort of as an impulse buy deterrent. Definitely helped to calm the instant gratification monster;)

  2. allison says:

    Exactly the advice I needed! I am the worse money saver because I constantly spend money on lunch, coffee, a book, blah blah, stuff to occupy my time basically. Perfect, please continue to post anymore great money saving ideas ;) Thank you!

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