Love as a Feather.

Via on Feb 23, 2012
Photo: Hariadhi

Love is you
out of a box
as pulsating waves
of downy feathers
tickling skin
across the Land

Are you open
Can you see me
Do you feel me

If you see Love
gliding your direction
be its soft landing

as you giggle
I am you
I free you
from the palm of my hand

Push breath
and witness
as a feather
and sway

on distant

opening you
The Humble Infinite
as crescendoing
love and laughter



About Alexandra Folz

Alexandra Folz has a Master’s in Nursing and is the author of The Heirloom Trilogy~Indigo’s Bracelet, Indigo's Crystals and Indigo's Wings. These children’s chapter books share a mystical secret with kids and parents about self-awareness and its ability to reveal one’s inner wisdom, build self-esteem, and encourage spiritual enlightenment. Alexandra dedicates her moments to motherhood, spiritual exploration, writing, holistic healing, intuitive readings and Hospice. / / Twitter


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    Just lovely.

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